Will Nintendo’s NX Adopt Android? Company Says ‘No’

Nintendo Co. shot down a report that said it was planning on using the Android operating system to run its top secret next-generation console, which has been codenamed “NX.”

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MrSwankSinatra1293d ago

You know I'm liking this new trend where these companies just shoot down rumors, instead of just leaving them out there for people to speculate for no reason.

rainslacker1292d ago

In the good old days there was this journalistic principal of getting a response from a company before writing an article. It was called fact checking I believe.

Nowadays it's all about getting the hit, and the followup hits from when the real story actually comes out. Retractions used to be put on the last page of the first section of the newspaper, now they're their own front page headlines.

contradictory1292d ago

i'm pretty sure people still printed bullshit rumors in the past..

rainslacker1292d ago

They did. More respectable press did try to verify rumors though.

KnowTechie1293d ago

Nintendo has a pretty good track record of denying stuff that actually pans out to be true.

iplay1up21293d ago

You know, that is true. I hope this one does not pan out though. I wouldn't have thought twice about them not using android. That is, had I not read your comment.

jhoward5851293d ago

The hell with android. They should go with a linux OS for the NX.

Nevers0ft1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

Erm, Android runs on a Linux Kernel. Even if Nintendo did use Android, it would likely be a very heavily modified/stripped version similar to Fire OS (Amazon Kindle) or Nokia X. They're both Android forks but look nothing like the Android version Google ships, don't contain the Play Store or use Googles APIs. Nintendo could fork Android for the NX console and unless you were told it was Android "based", you'd likely never know.

jhoward5851292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

Nintendo could fork Android for the NX console and unless you were told it was Android "based", you'd likely never know.

LOL, That true. Android has had so many different UI version to deter people from knowing it's android OS ruining on a electronic device.
The reason is simple. A lot of people didn't really like the original android UI, including me. The hacked version of most UI are better to me imo.

As for the android having a Linux Kernel, it was only decided by Google themselves to implement it to add an extra layer of security to maintain the highest processing to performs task, with out any interference from software invaders.

Despite me not liking the android OS I still think Nintendo NX will have an android based OS to keep things consistence app wise. And cross play between NX and other android devices.

Nevers0ft1292d ago

Agreed. I think I'm one of the few that thinks Nintendo using a fork of Android (or FreeBSD or similar) is actually a good idea... Nintendo isn't an Operating System developer and the next console is likely to need a fully multitasking OS, with all the modern bells and whistles AND support multiple form factors (if their plans to unify their handheld and home consoles are anything to go by) - it makes far more sense for Nintendo to build on somebody else's groundwork than to derp their way through it themselves.

WizzroSupreme1293d ago

Nintendo's NX will probably incorporate a variety of Android features, but I doubt it'll be a literal Android clone.

Summons751292d ago

Obviously, worst rumor in the history of ever

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