Dragon Quest Heroes Slime Collector's Edition Announced

One of the biggest Dragon Quest games to come out in quite some time, Dragon Quest Heroes will be receiving a couple of editions. For those who pick the game up on its launch, you will received a 'Day One Edition' that comes packed with equipment downloadable content (Slime Sword, Gooey Gloves, Goomerang, Squishing Rod and Gungenir.

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Lucreto1232d ago

A plushy Slime? Day One.

-Foxtrot1232d ago

What's the point doing a big chest if you are not going to put a few more goodies in there.

A Plushy and a keychain of the same thing...and a silly lanyard (who uses these).

No Steelbook, no artbook, OST

Shame this could have looked really nice

Harkins17211231d ago

And for $99? A steel book would have been day one.

TheColbertinator1232d ago

Missed the charm of DQ here in the west

JMaine5181232d ago

October 13th this game will be mine!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.