PlayStation 4: Are there too many ports?

Are developers focusing too much on re-releasing games rather that developing new, fresh ideas?

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DigitalRaptor1230d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

This question depends on who you are.

PS4 has new IPs, sequels, indies, ports, so too many is relative, considering PS3 had around as many ports last-gen. Definitely not at the same point in time, but it was pretty heavy shifting in the later years of last-gen. To me, a game is a game, but some people like to move goalposts or make excuses as to why certain games cannot possibly count even though they do in the way that a game is a game.

Every first-party Sony studio is working on new IPs, and even the second and third party devs have been introducing new IPs. We've known that for many months. In regards to those new, fresh ideas... it's blatantly obvious that those are mostly cooled up by indie devs, which is why I find the reactionary attack on indies and their shunning by a certain group, to be ironic and humorous. We want innovation, creativity, fresh ideas and indies are the ones that save the day in that regard.

LOL @ those disagrees.

Thanks Xbox fanboys. Logic dislikes you too.

WackoDaSniper1230d ago

Not enough USB ports that's what...