The Xbox One 1TB Version Possibly Leaked?

The Xbox One 1 Tb was confirmed by the websites Reference Gaming and It released after E3 2015.

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Blues Cowboy1291d ago

I can't work out what's happening here. It says "confirmed," but it's also a rumour. What?

battlegrog1291d ago

Confirmed to get the Web hit.reality is only rumour until it happens

Immorals1291d ago

It's an article from the future apparently "It released after E3 2015".

What are the upcoming lottery results please?!

Magicite1291d ago

''It released after E3 2015'' is all You need to read to understand.

MegaRay1291d ago

Somebody sent this article to the past, with a microwave time machine.

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helterskelter1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Ill hold off until a xbone slim with a 1tb drive is released! Would be nice to have one to compliment my PC

Tibulle1291d ago

i Wrote this article, my source has ordered the stock for his shop. I work with them for a long time they are reliable ^^

Tibulle1291d ago

XD no problem wait and see^^

Tibulle1291d ago

This Xbox One release on june 22th

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The story is too old to be commented.