Famitsu review scores (6/2/15)

This week's Famitsu scores include Splatoon, Rhythm Heaven, Alien: Isolation, and more.

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Hoffmann1211d ago

Seems they like Splatoon

Splatoon (Wii U) – 9/9/9/9

Geobros1211d ago

Not only them, we like Splatoon too!!!

Hoffmann1211d ago

I hate it, its not violent enough and has to many colors, now excuse me, have to play some Hatred :P

higgins781211d ago

Please, please, please bring Rhythm Heaven: The Best Plus to the West sometime soon. Those games are addictive and brilliant.

YoungPlex1211d ago

I like it! Splatoon is good-ol' fashioned fun with an online twist and some interesting game mechanics. My only complaint is its mediocre story/campaign. The game is online first single player second, geared towards the hardcore side of gamers encouraging, rewarding and unlocking item's mostly through online play, but is heavily marketed towards children. Wouldn't be too much of a problem but we all know Nintendo, when children are a factor they seem to always subtract to solve the solution; in this case they decide to, "yet again," police the network and disable voice chat. This would be an excellent party game or just something I could pop in on a boring day with my friends, to BS and make for a solid mild trash-talking experience.

This could easily be a 9.5 imho, but no VC and weak campaign make it a 8.0/10 experience, I do have to give credit where it's due;

vibrant and solid visuals locked 60fps, (looks native 1080p not 100% sure if upscale or not,) solid online and matchmaking, gameplay near flawless and fluid with tons of different outfits, (some only available through use of amiibo which is also a negative,) and weapons etc... downside of graphics is the absolute lack of AA which may explain the absolutely wonderful frame-rate.

Still a solid "new" IP that deserves a purchase if you feel like going nuts, just plan on doing it quietly.