Big discounts in the Amazon US digital game sale

Dealspwn: You might want to get yourself over to Amazon's US page and take advantage of their latest digital games sale, which is seeing some seriously hot discounts. We've picked out a few highlights for you, but there are more to be found by looking through the extensive full list.

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Blues Cowboy1232d ago

Oh gawd, the Steam sale can't be far off either!

TheImprobableMulk1232d ago

Absolutely. Let's just hope that Steam have some equally good deals coming as well, because there's some tasty offers in that list for Amazon.

Blues Cowboy1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

And Amazon have the capacity to price-match/undercut

bggriffiths1232d ago

Hmm, may be time to finally pick up AC: Freedom Cry at that price

Blues Cowboy1232d ago

Yeah, thought the RRP was a bit steep but the sale price is just ridiculous.