Windows 10 – Everything gamers need to know before upgrading

MWEB GameZone writes: "Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will release on 29 July 2015.

If you’re still on the fence about upgrading to Windows 10, then we've got everything you need to know in order to make an informed decision."

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HanCilliers1268d ago

Does sound tempting to upgrade, but a bit disappointed abt the improved gaming experience.

Sillicur1268d ago

Indeed, maybe after a few service patches, release updated drivers and games made specifically for DirectX 12 can show a big increase in performance.

As a PC gamers im amped to play with my console counterparts though :)

darthv721267d ago

it's free to upgrade. that's all I need to know.

Testfire1267d ago

I installed Win 10 and while there were some very cool features it was slower than Win 7 for me at the time. But the biggest deal breaker for me was that my gaming headset didn't have drivers for Win 10 yet so I went back to Win 7. When all my peripherals and software I use have Win 10 support then I'll make the jump.

schmoe1268d ago

Agreed, it all looks great besides the performance loss. Hopefully that can be addressed in future updates and stuff and not an inherent issue with the architecture itself..

DragoonsScaleLegends1268d ago

I would wait to upgrade. I liked most of the changes done in Windows 10 but the tech preview is buggy as hell and I expect the final version to be a little buggy to. Plus the driver support sucks currently for me.

Mega241268d ago

When I updated to build 10130, shit crashed hard, probably 60% of the drivers where incompatible. Spent all night transferring drivers from my desktop to laptop. Project Spartan doesn't even want to work.

peowpeow1268d ago

Windows 10 is currently my main OS for my laptop and PC and it is freaking good - I love it. I've only encountered small bugs here and there (biggest one being a black screen if I open windows explorer sometimes), but all my games, software and drivers work.

SonZeRo1268d ago

Comparing an Release Candidate vs a live OS is silly to say the least, Drivers wont be nearly as polished. i'll wait till a live vs live comparison is done

inveni01268d ago

It's no secret that drivers have always sucked at launch for new Windows versions, and hardware/peripheral manufacturers don't update because they want you to buy new stuff.

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BG115791268d ago

I just want to know if there isn't going to be any compatibility problem with ancient games.
Plus, I find it really annoying changing the language of the system every time I want to play a Japanese game.

Sillicur1268d ago

Very good point on the compatibility issues. I know Windows 7 has a "run in XP compatability mode" option. Windows 10 should have that as well, hopefully!

peowpeow1267d ago

It has compatibility modes, including 7, 8.1

Volkama1268d ago

I've hit a few compatibility issues, but surprisingly with more recent games rather than older ones. Can't play Watch Dogs for example.

Perhaps most interesting, I can't play Heroes of the Storm unless I force it into 32bit. Which runs fine as it's hardly a taxing game, but I'm surprised Blizzard are seemingly unaware of the imminent launch of a new OS. Their tech support centre could be in for a busy week if they don't resolve it in time for launch lol.

Mega241268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Really? I run Heroes of the Storm on 64bit without problem. Hearthstone in the other had crashed often for no reason, doesn't even give me an error pop up, it just closes.

@edit: it might be a driver though, yesterday Nvidia release a driver which contained some fixes for HoS, can't test it on my laptop since... well is a laptop, doesn't have nvidia. I've been thinking of moving win10 to my desktop, too many bugs, so I don't want to risk it.

Volkama1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Yup I don't really play HotS, but had a look yesterday to confirm it is still crashing. Googled it when I first encountered it a month or 2 back, and there were quite a few results.

As I say I don't really play it so I haven't looked into it much, don't know if it's specific to particular hardware or whatever but it's persisted though quite a lot of Windows 10 builds. Totally fine on the same hardware and Windows 8.1.

JasonKCK1268d ago

Have had a couple problems myself with older PC games. STALKER had a couple issues but fixed it.

caseh1268d ago

"I find it really annoying changing the language of the system every time I want to play a Japanese game."

Create an AppLocale launcher, then you don't have to change anything.

BG115791267d ago

This seems to be a good idea. Never done it in my Win7 or Win8.1 pcs...

Septic1268d ago

Game recording is a big plus. FRAPS recorded files are MASSIVE and I just dont like the tool at all.

holysmokesbatman1268d ago

I just cant wait to stream xbox games to PC, I'm sure it won't be any good for shooters or fighting games but stuff like Defense grid 2 will be epic for me.

Perjoss1268d ago

Anyone interested in recording should really consider an Elgato or something similar, they really are very good.

Volkama1268d ago

I'm interested in seeing the quality and file sizes as well. There are tonnes of other solutions available already including free stuff from AMD and nVidia (that covers just about everyone) so it may be somewhat moot, but if it surpasses those tools and trades blows with the myriad paid software it's good. If it's inferior it'll still serve some people just fine as it's native to the OS, and convenient to use.

The settings for it are a bit vague and limited.

Sokol1268d ago

I will give It some time to see how the operating system works.

There is no rush for upgrade.

Sillicur1268d ago

Waiting might be a good option, u never know what kinda bugs might pop up on release day.

DesVader1268d ago

Very useful article, thank you. Looking forward to Windows 10 really.

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