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"We knew it was coming, of course - it was just the speed of its arrival that took us off-guard. Nvidia's astonishing Titan X graphics card, based on the 8bn transistor GM200 processor, redefined the boundaries of single-GPU performance when we reviewed it back in March. Imagine the firm's previous flagship - the GTX 980 - combined with a mainstream GTX 960 in a single package, backed by a ridiculous 12GB of 7gbps GDDR5 and you have a remarkable technological achievement. The only problem was its price - $999. The new GTX 980 Ti is a mildly cut-back version of the same product, offering around 98 per cent of the raw performance at 65 per cent of the price."

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hennessey861212d ago

but the only thing I feel when I put my hand in my pocket is my leg :(

bunt-custardly1212d ago

Quote Eurogamer:

"However, the fact remains that GTX 980 and the new 980 Ti are still priced somewhat at the extreme side."


"In the meantime, the new GTX 980 Ti will remain out of reach for many gamers - perhaps frustratingly so."

And finally...

"So, should you buy a GTX 980 Ti? As Ferris Bueller might say, "if you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up", but do bear in mind the more limited returns at lower resolutions, and perhaps hold fire until we see the performance level - and asking price - of AMD's upcoming alternative."

Not exactly a glowing review waiting on the competition before making a move rather than a flat out must buy.