Thirty Hours In, The Witcher 3 Keeps Surprising Me

Nathan Grayson:

"If you play a game long enough, you start to be able to predict it. Thirty hours in, The Witcher 3’s still got me stumped."

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Justjoined1231267d ago

Its amazing how this game manages to avoid being generic and predictable at such a big scale, it truly feels like the Game of Thrones of games. Plot twists, unpopular outcomes and gutsy decisions keeps the game interesting hour after hour for me.

camel_toad1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Ha yeh after I finished Sunday's epic GoT I immediately had to jump right back into The Witcher. The story/side stories, dialogue and cohesiveness of it all really puts most other rpg's to shame.

Snookies121267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Man, I stopped playing about a week ago... Just a lot of life issues going on, but I can't wait to get back into it! Kind of happy I stopped for a little while, it'll make the game last even longer for me. Plus I get the benefit of having a few updates already rolled out to make the game even more enjoyable.

I've already got almost 20 hours logged in, and have barely even done anything in Velen. The game is just amazing. It's a great time to be a fan of RPGs.

MeteorPanda1267d ago

no seperate storage space and laggy inventory has me surprised too!

I love this game too much but l want to collect all 3 witcher sets and not be over burdened, finished the story, holy crap it's amazing

CorndogBurglar1267d ago

I havent come across laggy inventory. Is there. Is there no stash for storing inventory? I dont know as i've only just beaten the Griffin and now i'm just finishing up any loose strings before I move on. I can really understand what you mean if there is no stash. That would suck.

MeteorPanda1266d ago

with the consoles, the inventory isn't really optimised for a controller and swapping between the inventory menus like tools, crafting,etc lags for 1-2 seconds. It's very noticiable, when you put 70 hours like l did and have a crap load of stuff it bogs down the interface l guess

Ashby_JC1267d ago

I havent encountered an lag as far as inventory.

And seperate much stuff do you want to carry???

You can get larger saddle bags that helps.

MeteorPanda1266d ago

it's not so much for how much but...there's so much stuff at end game you want to keep, witcher gears for one, and they're all can't organize them.

having the horse saddlebags act like a separate storage space, like a bank, would have done wonders, at the moment it's so cluttered it's barbaric.

why are people downvoting >.> There is a inventory lag for ps4 and xbox, it wasn't optimized for a controller to navigate through at all, end game it really starts to bog down shifting through the tabs..

Eldyraen1266d ago

I hoard materials like crazy although with crafting system it isn't as needed as most RPGs (meditate refreshing all the alchemy items). I have 160 max weight atm but over 100 is stuffed full of stuff I don't really want to get rid of as who knows when this or that will be needed (crafting mats in particular).

I'm even carrying a full set of every book I find just to have them on hand--including saving quest items as I like the backstory to remind me of my adventures. Trophies add up too although most effects are copies other than visual on the saddle.

camel_toad1266d ago

You can actually drop whatever loot you want and itll stay. I keep a dropped loot bag at Crow's Perch sign post filled with horders delights. Ive had it (and a 2nd one) there for at least 20hrs - loot stays forever in the world.

MeteorPanda1266d ago

on ps4 this isn't true. Loot will dissapear once you load the game up again.

zsquaresoff1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

I know its early, but I don't think any game is going to stop Witcher 3 from winning game of the year.

The amount of heart put into this game is unbelievable.

lelo2play1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Witcher 3 so far is GOTY without a doubt... but there are still lot of games to be released: Batman, Mad Max, Fallout, XCOM, Tomb Raider, Halo, Just Cause, MGS, etc...

kraenk121267d ago

none of which will be able to keep up with the love which went into that game though, I assume.

CorndogBurglar1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Couldn't agree more. CD Project Red has really won me over with this game. They've shown all the other devs how it should be done. From all the stuff you get for free, plus 16 free DLCs, to the amount of content, great story, and combat system. These guys deserve all the praise they are sure to get come end of year.

Ashby_JC1267d ago

Im like 35 hours in and really getting into the game. More then I expected.

Initially I wasnt liking the fact that my level was to low to do some of the main missions (kept dying)

But what It did was push me to explore more....take on side quests (that do not suck and have good stories)...and in doing that I am more comfortable with the controls and what everything does.

I got killed soooooo many times trying to keep the 3 torches burning for the peller lol. I was getting PISSED. Then I realized I could use IGNI (versuse pressing A) to light them ....that made the difference.

KosherNostra1267d ago

I'm surprised by all the new bugs I keep encountering. I'll never stop searching for you, barber of Claywich!

Eldyraen1266d ago

I still can't unlock a person in distress as there isn't a leader spawning for it :(

It drives me nuts when I can't gray out a marker.

Ashby_JC1267d ago

35 Hours in. Level 6.5

Took a minute just to learn everything. Now that I have I feel I will be spending alot of time with this game.

I like that you can explore and come across a town area ...kill some monsters and get credit for it without having tooken the contract.

I went far south...south west in Velen and came across some strange creatures. Some I was able to kill others with ?? I just left alone.

Like the Fogel things....they turn into fog and come after you!!! Creepy.

The combat can be hit and miss. I wish there was a way to turn off auto sword arming. There are times I need to run etc and he is in a defense stance. Say I put the sword away...he will pull it back out on his own if enemies are around. That has gotten me killed a few times.

Im more aware of it now so Its not a game breaker for me.

Eldyraen1266d ago

Yeah the Foglet dudes are a pain if they hit you as strong for their level and turn to fog but Aard knocks them sprawling for easy one hit kill (if you get up close fast--knockdown is ridiculous easy way to kill many enemies so try not to abuse it as ruins the fun for me but Foglets get taken down asap).

Ashby_JC1266d ago

Ill keep that in mind.

Some monsters can be intimidating but easy once you learn there weakness.