If Bungie Built 'Destiny' Around Groups, They Need To Help Players Find Them

One Strike. Two Raids. Three Arena Challenges. PvP Endgame. These are seven different Destiny activities that require premade teams of three to six players, without the help of matchmaking within the game itself. Given that four of these seven were introduced in the new DLC alone (House of Wolves), some players are finally getting fed up with Bungie insisting on group activities, yet failing to provide the tools in which to assemble these groups in the game.

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fonduktoe1290d ago

I'm in agreement. I tried 2 get back on when HOW came out but most of my friends I played with b4 have moved on. Unless they add matchmaking to the whole game I'm not coming back. Get ur head outta ur ass bungie.

brokenbracket1289d ago

I could see them doing matchmaking for say a level 32 Prison of Elders, but I found out last night why matchmaking is a nightmare for a game like this, especially for Prison of Elders. I went through 4 rounds in the lvl 28 (which has matchmaking), and the two players that were with me jumped out right as we went through the doors to fight the boss. They weren't kicked, as one left, then five minutes later the other player left. I then had to start the entire thing over to get more players with me. It's just easier to go on a forum, find two guys that you know will stick with you through the end, rather than not knowing. Especially if you grind through a 32, 34, or 35. They're just too tough to get randoms with you and you not know what kind of weapons they have, what kind of character they're playing with, and about 90% of the time they won't have mics. And mics are almost a necessity when it comes to Prison of Elders for figuring out a strategy when you're having a rough go at it. And not to mention Raids, matchmaking for raids would be atrocious. It would be cool to have matchmaking be available for the players who don't care about getting to the end only to have to start all the way over, but it's not a necessity, and I'd rather Bungie focus more on fixing bugs and adding new game content.