New PS4 Models CUH-12XXA and CUH-12XXB Certified by FCC: Include 1 Terabyte HDD Option and More

The Federal Communications Commission published the documentation of two new PS4 models, numbered CUH-1215A and CUH-1215B, plus the related test kit DUH-T1200AA.

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Rimeskeem1289d ago

400$ 1 TB E3 announcement incoming?????

Rimeskeem1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

That would be pretty big considering it would basically match the 350$ tag on the xbox one

freshslicepizza1289d ago

would be interesting to see the 1tb system become standard while the cloud allotment remains at a measly 1gb.

dantesparda1289d ago

Yeah, they seriously need to up the limit because with the PS4, its just not enough. DC, LBP3 and Apotheon alone will take up more than a gig. And most PS4 save files are at least 10.49MB big for no reason (though a few are 3.15MB). They are way to big.

Saigon1289d ago

i guess this means there will be a price drop or something of the sorts.

never4get1289d ago

Sony please add 40Gbps m.2 SSD, RamDisk support to PS4. Thanks! :D

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Retroman1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

2013 ps4 models price drop to be announced at E3
after new TB ps4 announcement .

Stay tune...........

MasterCornholio1289d ago

Sounds like the 500GB models getting a price drop. I only expect 50$ though.

Well it's a smart way to compete with Microsoft without takning too large of a hit.

caseh1289d ago

Naw, it's a clever way to keep the retail price high while the production costs drop.

Pogmathoin1288d ago

Yeah, true, othe companies would be slaughtered for that though, but in this case, its called clever.

Magicite1289d ago

I would prefer an option with PS with flash storage, similar to PS3 12GB, it would be cheaper and buyers can insert additional drive if needed.

WinterWolf1289d ago

So many new games these days require part of the game to be installed on the hard drive. And almost all games come with updates. It wouldn't work well in this gen, even if all you play are disk-based games.

GameSpawn1289d ago

Retail game installs vary from 10-15GB all the way up to 50GB+. A flash-only system would just not be economical or possible.

People filled their stock 500GB PS4's pretty quickly with a few games; you can only guess how fast a 128GB SSD (the cheapest possible "workable" option) would fill up. A 500GB+ SSD option would make the system cost WAY too much and no one in their right minds would buy it.

rainslacker1288d ago

Retail games require the entire game to be installed. It never runs off the disc itself except for the install and the verificiation. The 12GB last gen was for the casual user, your idea would be for the do-it-yourselfer who plans to upgrade immediately.

On the other hand, Sony could give the option to not do full installs anymore. There is no reason why most of that content couldn't remain on the disc, as most of it is not data that needs to be accessed at a moments notice.

Dawknight3161289d ago

lol How are you gonna steal my avatar though lol. But Yeah i agree

reaperofsouls1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

maximum clock frequency of the system according to the figure on the article is = 2.75ghz therefore PS4 must use turbo boost because the base clock is 1.6 ghz

rainslacker1288d ago

I think that's the frequency that the system can run, not what it's running at. It's possible there are chips that run that frequency that are beyond the CPU, as everything can have it's own clock.

Either that or it's the highest frequency part that is emmited by the system itself, which would mean it's for the wireless network. Doesn't make as much sense though since that's not a clock frequency, but a radio frequency.

xActionBasturdx1288d ago

Please be true...I need more space and I don't wanna swap hard drives...probably would be cheaper tho...hmmmmmm

Tsar4ever011288d ago

Sony should've aimed higher, like a HGST 1.5TB hdd.

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crazychris41241289d ago

Please let the 1 TB version be the MGS 5 console.

Abriael1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

Nope. That one's model number is CUHJ-10009, and it's a 500 GB

chaosx1289d ago

Xb1 will do the same , 1 Tb will be standard.

LexHazard791289d ago

youre right. MS will probably $299 500gb, $349 1tb..even if you disagree, its possible reactionary move.

Silly gameAr1289d ago

He's probably getting disagrees because this is not related to MS or the Xbox.

rainslacker1288d ago

I really don't see another price drop for MS yet. They're more likely to see what happens this holiday with their line up.

It's much more likely for PS4, but given the sales of the PS4, it's questionable if Sony needs to drop the price. It will depend on if Sony wants to cut it's profit margin, or allow it to keep increasing.

New models are generally cheaper to make, but that doesn't mean they have to pass the cost onto the consumer.

IamTylerDurden11289d ago

Sony is great at manufacturing hardware, unsurprisingly they made the PS4 lighter and more energy efficient. If u look at a PS4 teardown it's a very compact and well designed model utilizing all the space efficiently.

A 1TB HDD is so necessary for next gen consoles, nowadays u could have 8 games and updates/captures and be out of space. Wolfenstein is amazing but it's over 50gb and this is becoming the norm rather than the exception.

I want the newer model but have 0 regrets getting my PS4 at launch.

wsoutlaw871289d ago

No reason for a newer model, just upgrade the hard drive.

Palitera1289d ago

Then you will have an uncertified HDD on the console and everything that doesn't work (like TW3's performance or crashes) will make you wonder if it has anything to do with the HDD.

It is a very specific model that the devs code for, so I all into keeping the console as unmodified as possible.

arkard1289d ago

The hdd that ships with the ps4 is old, like really old..... Almost anything you out into it will be better than what it shipped with.

uth111289d ago

Why force people to spend extra money to upgrade?

_-EDMIX-_1288d ago

NO reason for a newer model for those that actually have PS4's. Agreed. But for gamers as a whole, it makes sense to up the space through out the gen as to give developers a clearer picture as to how much space they can take up with a game.

You could have 30 million PS4s....doesn't mean you know how many have the space for certain games. I feel it makes sense an I actually upgraded my HDD to a 1TB.

Also to your point, upgrading is a choice, I didn't even need to upgrade, i have many PS4 games and merely just deleted the games I wasn't going to play in a long while (ie installs) and....thats it.

I only got a 1TB actually because I recently got a second PS3 for one of my rooms and wanted a 500GB drive and was like "why the hell should I get a new hdd for the 160gb PS3, why don't I get a new hdd for the PS4 and just replace it with the PS4 hdd".

Thus...I didn't even NEED a new PS4 HDD, just made more sense to put it in my PS3 at the time. If I needed to, I very much could have just got rid of many installs of games I don't play all the time.

ie Done with Knack, Killzone, Infamous, FF Type Zero, Destiny and a few others. I'm only currently playing Evil Within and BF4 on the daily.

I don't get why some would leave installs of games they don't play daily, I don't get those that just buy digital. Games take up a HUGE amount of space, take a long time to download, and if you need room and have to delete it, clearly takes a long time to redownload vs installs.

I agree to upgrade if you want more space as it varies, I agree to Sony upping the HDD space on newer models too though.

Khronikos1288d ago

Dude, devs do not code for specific HDDs. They could for a general performance target aka 5400RPM but that still doesn't make your upgrade to 7200RPM any less effective. I would never game on PS4 without a 7200 lol. You have no idea what you are on about.

wsoutlaw871288d ago

Ya I was talking to the guy I replied to (hence "reply") not saying in general. He was saying he wants the newer model just for a 1 tb hdd. Spending 400$ for a new console with a bigger hdd would be foolish when it is fully upgradable. Did anyone think they weren't going to increase storage size over this gen?

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kraenk121289d ago

I agree though it's a piece of cake to deinstall and reinstall games on the PS4.

magiciandude1289d ago

And downloading the patches, again.

paul-p19881289d ago

Same here, got my PS4 then got a 2TB the week after. Should see me through this gen, even if I have gone all digital :)

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