Hatred selling more than Witcher 3 and GTA V on Steam at the moment

MWEB GameZone writes: "It's disturbing that Hatred released yesterday and it's already number one on Steam's popular new releases and top sellers lists. It's selling better than GTA V, CS: Global Offensive and The Witcher 3!

Why are people so fascinated with the freedom to massacre as many innocents as possible? Perhaps people are playing it because Hatred was the topic of controversy?

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Sillicur1292d ago

I guess any publicity is good publicity rings true !

Rimeskeem1292d ago

I have a feeling after a while people are going to call this game overrated piece of sh** and starting hating on it.

mikeslemonade1292d ago

Good news, I like games that test boundaries.

helterskelter1292d ago

Violence for the sake of Violence wears thin after a while! They could have put it in more context or include a social narrative!
As you said people will be embarrassed to have this game in their library!

Psychotica1291d ago

It's not that bad for $20. The gamepad controls are just plain horrible imo though. I bought it because it kind of reminded me of playing postal 1 way back when..

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

@mikeslemonade, I like people Realizing that those boundaries are all about how far people can go without realizing they're being symbolically retarded (thus an I.Q. test), such as people who like this game can now claim, "I like\love\enjoy\paid for Hatred".

One of the largest (I.Q.) tests of ignor(e)ance boundaries are people who think nothing of CLAUS going ON A sLAY MISSION to FirePlace... until men Realize why that is, men will doubt that God Writes history in Symbolic ways, and until that day comes, men are destine to be m"ass" retarded, AKA they're all destine to be fLAMERS.

Obviously, I also think all daemonic OSes, such as the base OS for PS4 with a devil as a mascot, need to be 86ed.

It doesn't surprise me that "Valve allowed Hatred for profit", especially since they're for SteamOS that is daemonic.

@Disagree, on the topic of "Hatred" and how that God Writes history symbolically, notice how "HITler" is spelled, and take a look at his father, Alois HITler, on Wikipedia to see picture perfect symbolism of AN ASS BEATER, AKA HITler. Adolf's father was the "ROD children or they spoil" type of Catholic that resulted in HITler... that's also what causes school shootings, though men are too ignor(e)ant to Realize it... they only know that bullies are generally the cause, though they still think that "teaching asses lessons" is what makes for better children... while really, it causes bullies that think they're being adult when they pain the asses of the younger to "teach their asses lessons" the way they're m"ass" retarded parents taught them is how to be "a man's man". <- CLUE about how beating ass is fLAMER.

Teaching children to pain ass to solve problems and to "beat ass LIKE a man" is what causes HITlers, AKA "bad asses", that believe paining ass is necessary for BENDING TO WILLie, and God Writes examples all through history, though men are too stupid to Realize it, such as God put cockerel plumes on the heads of the Greeks and Romans as they practiced sticking asses with swords and knives while glorifying fairy gods... in other words, God symbolized Greeks and Romans as cock(erel)y bird brains that wore skirts while stabbing asses, yet NO ONE REALIZES THE INSULT\JOKE! God insults fLAMERS in such ways, as the author of Hatred probably is written, though we don't know (how) the (devil is in the) "details".

It is possible to see similar examples all through history, such as Michael "JackSon" is "bad" and has "the beat it feeling" as he decides "he doesn't want A PAIR" (of gloves)... God makes him dance BACKWARDS with the moonwalk for symbolizing how fairy men are BACKWARDS, as he sings "HeHe" about the joke, etc.

God Writes the devil as symbolic jokes that are about fLAMERS (sort of a "comedic ROAST", look that up if you don't know what it is), thus why the term is "HeHe" for "funny", AKA what people say about fLAMERS is that they're "funny", etc. The symbolism continues all through men's Intelligence in too many ways to list here. LOOK WRITE UNDER NOSE FOR CLUES, such as religious men getting bent while saying "ahh men" is obviously "m-ass" retarded and how they're written to be "funny". God isn't spiritual is why they're insulted (because they spread fairy tales, God Wills some even spread their own "tails" while saying "ahh men", etc.). The Creator's Intelligence=247=Everything Is Made Of Math=247=Creation Is Programmatic=247. <- An example of "Sum Proof"=123 (A=1, Z=26, thus Sequential=123, etc.).

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Thatguy-3101292d ago

I mean it just came out so of course it will sell a lot because of all the publicity the game has gotten. I'm pretty sure that by next week the story will be different.

HanCilliers1292d ago

Did you check the Steam user reviews? Seems like they think it's the next big thing.

ZaWarudo1292d ago

You know, at first when i saw the trailer i was disgusted at the way the civilians begged and grovel before you murder them, but after watching gameplay and hearing the cheesy one-liners i feel a lot less disturbed.
I even laughed a couple times.

I would like to play this now lol.

ShadowWolf7121292d ago

Well when you play it up as Satan incarnate and slap an AO rating on there, of course people are gonna be curious and buy it to see what all the fuss is about. Hell, you'd have ensured this mediocre game woulda just faded into obscurity had you forgone pandering to Outrage Culture and just ignored it.

Pixelart1292d ago

Most people are buying this on GOG since its DRM free. That's why. Steam is all but 1 vendor.

Dan501291d ago

That would have happened if GOG decided to carry it, but the did not.

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