Splatoon's Update is Live, No Need to Download - It's Already on Your Disc

The Games Cabin: The new update for the Nintendo Wii U exclusive Splatoon is now live and ready to download. Er, actually, scrap that last part - it's already on your game disc.

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JohnathanACE1292d ago

Forget on disk DLC, on disk updates is the next big thing. ;)

chrish19901292d ago

And to think people say wii u isn't next gen...

freshslicepizza1292d ago

i wonder if voice chat is also locked on the disk waiting to be released?

shaw981292d ago

I would be freaking out if I had to pay for it. But there are no patches because of bugs and this is all free dlc or wherever. Just remember to not abuse this Nintendo. I like my games nice and complete.

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The story is too old to be commented.