Yep, Looks Like Square Enix's Super Secret E3 Game is Probably Hitman

The Games Cabin: Square Enix are set to host a special party for a "secret" E3 game, the only problem is, it looks they they've given the game away early.

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SolidGear31268d ago

I've been asking for Kane and Lynch 3 since before the last Hitman was announced. When will I finally get it? I wanna see how there story ends once and for all.

chrish19901268d ago

Considering the second one (dog days if i remember right?) bombed hard, it's doubtful they'll invest heavily on a third one. Shame, I liked the first one, cracking story, but I couldn't bring myself to go through even the first level of the 2nd one.

SolidGear31268d ago

You gotta finish it. Yeah it's short and the story isn't as good as the first but it's still very intense and decent.

ironfist921268d ago

Maybe Hitman will have a Kane and Lynch assassination mission?

Audiggity1268d ago

lol... at least they'd wrap up the K&L IP... give it some respect. I like the idea! Haha. Make it DLC so it is outside of the main story.

Servbot411268d ago

One of the worst series of last gen. I hope it stays dead.

TheCommentator1268d ago

I want Freedom Fighters 2 after the new Hitman. I must've played that game a dozen times!

Agent_00_Revan1268d ago

Wasn't Freedom Fighters from EA?

TheCommentator1267d ago

Yeah, they published it. I'm pretty sure that IO owns the IP though. In Blood Money, in the mission in the suberbs, there was a poster in the girls bedroom (where the guard sniffs her panties) that featured a punk girl wearing a Freedom Fighters T-shirt. Kane and Lynch also cameoed in a newspaper article later in the game.

Erik73571268d ago

Yea Kane and Lynch is defiantly one of the best games of all time so we should get a sequel to that.

comebackkid98911268d ago

Eh, would rather have a different "Kane" (:

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N0TaB0T1268d ago

Oh please let it play like Blood Money, I loved Contracts and Blood Money so much even though I never actually owned the latter. I'm going to be pumped.

Audiggity1268d ago

I agree, Blood Money felt like the most solid Hitman since 2 came out.

Absolution was good. Just not great. But felt like a tech demo. Very rigid, harder to make random encounters entertaining (like the casino & neighborhood missions in Blood Money).

The rules need to be loose again. Make it truly free form in how you complete the goals.

arkard1268d ago

Last Hitman was garbage. But the developer took the criticism and ran with it. Promising that the next Hitman will be open environment and more true to form. Hopefully they weren't lying.

DevilOgreFish1268d ago

"Last Hitman was garbage"

Say What? did you ever complete Absolution?

RyujiDanma1268d ago

absolution was dumbed down, it spat on the Hitman franchise

ThichQuangDuck1268d ago

The disguise system was pretty bad even though I get its intention. It often took the fun out of the game as well as the general linearity feeling as compared to Blood MOney

001268d ago

if absolution was any other game it would have been an ok game, but as a Hitman game it was terrible, completely removing elements that make Hitman, Hitman.

Concertoine1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Something about the way tutorials shouted in my face the basic mechanics of stealth and hitman put me off

arkard1268d ago

@Devil yes I played and even Platinumed Absolution. If it wasn't a Hitman game it wouldn't have been bad, but it was and it was catered for the casual shooter crowd.

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Servbot411268d ago

I wouldn't say it was complete garbage, but it was thoroughly lacking in every department compared to Blood Money. Still pretty fun though, hope they learn from their mistakes in Absolution.

RyujiDanma1268d ago

looking forward to this if its anything like absolution i give up

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