Xbox One Independent Developers Pack Revealed

It's not E3 yet, but Microsoft has taken the wraps off of this "Independent Developers Pack" Xbox One, in Australia of all places.

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Rimeskeem1210d ago

So they will probably announce the new controller and the new bundle during their E3?

LAWSON721210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

If so kind of lame... Sure release these new decent items, but to dedicate time in a 90 min conference for something so miniscule is just stupid. Announce an awesome Halo 5 console or maybe a larger HDD SKU not this

LexHazard791210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

No You're LAME, this is awesome. Xbox One more skus with different games is not bad. Plus they can always announce more skus at E3.

Sorry for the edits..frrikkin this auto correct and for some reason everytime i hit backspace it just gives me like ten words. Like thisthithisthisthi

SilentNegotiator1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Hopefully they announce that they're finally updating the Xbone to include dev kit capabilities. That would be a good tie in to this bundle.

gfk3421209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

So ironic to see on the one hand MS releasing a X1 bundle with indie games, while on the other hand Xbox fanboys accusing (without reasons) Sony gamers for buying the Indiestation 4.

Wow, I cannot wait to see how Xbox fan boys will react to this. Most probably, they will praise this decision made by MS and twist in a way their accusation.

Irrespectively, it is now OFFICIAL that X1 is the Indie-station.

badz1491209d ago


but yeah, curious to see if the hypocrites from the xbox camp will ever come forward to troll this.

Sureshot1210d ago

This reminds me of the xbox 360 arcade pack.
Sadly I don't see this selling very well.

kenmid1210d ago

this is nothing like a arcade pack

LAWSON721210d ago


The Arcade 360 was the bare bones system that had a less premium look and worse extras. This is 7 indies game with a regular Xbone console

rainslacker1210d ago

Think sure is talking about the arcade pack unplugged 360 bundle which included some XBLA games on a disc.

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zsquaresoff1210d ago

As great as indies are, don't see anyone going out of their way to buy this bundle when its kept next to a Cod or fifa bundle.

SonyOnly41210d ago

XD I love indies but I find it hilariously Ironic how we have heard "Indiestation" being thrown around by Xbox fanboys.....Then Microsoft literally put out an Indiebox LMFAO.
#Idarb is a great game though still this makes me chuckle.

ilikepizza1210d ago

xbox started the whole "indie" phase on consoles. Xbox never ran away from having indies but its sony bending over backwards to get indies on there platform,it's also sony themselves who stated they are cutting back on triple a games and focus on prmoting indies,thus the indiestation 4. xbox has exclusive heavy hitters,indies ps4 is indies and remasters. Big diff

DialgaMarine1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Oh, really? Is that why Sony has far more AAA exclusive titles in development for their console? Don't believe me?

ND is making a game
Santa Monica is making a game
Guerrilla is making a game
Guerrilla Cambridge is making a game
Sucker Punch is making a game
Quantic Dream is making a game
Media Molecule is making a game
Polyphony is making a game
Sony Bend is making a game
Insomniac is making a game
Sony Japan Studio probably has multiple projects going
Level 5 is making a PS4 exclusive
Sony just opened a studio to develop project morpheus games
From Software is probably going to be starting the initial stages of the BloodBorne sequel soon
Ready at Dawn is probably making a sequel to The Order.
Atlus is making a Persona 5
Capcom is making Street Fighter 5

The list goes on... You Xbox fans keep talking about all these big heavy hitters M$ is coming out, but what's gonna happen after the holidays this year? You're gonna wait several more months for Quantum Break and ScaleBound, and then what? Another sideline Halo/ Fable/ Forza? Gears 4? M$ starts off every gen with a decent amount of AAA games, but then after the dust settles, they immediately fall back on only what sells the most, leaving you fans getting 2-3 "heavy hitters" per year, and you then you all fall back on "Oh uuhh uuum... Quality over Quantity!", but then you aren't even getting that. Get over your bullshit propaganda.

jukins1210d ago

Lol sony isn't bending over backwards. Thier policies are just more welcoming than microsofts and let's not forget the larger install base. So it makes sense for smaller devs who can't make multiplatform games at the same time to go for the console who has little to no stipulations on allowing the game to be released on the console as well as larger potential sales.

TheCommentator1210d ago


You basically listed studios and put "making a game." You should have listed what MS is working on right now as well because you compared nothing in your post, so how can anybody really believe you? Either way, I'm sure Sony will show some of these games at E3, which we all look forward to, but MS has some secrets as well, maybe even some exclusives from 3rd party studios. We just don't know enough yet.

What really doesn't sit well with me though, as Sony stated, is they are starting to see a gaming drought. MS is going through one that is going to be over soon and got bashed all over this site for it, and now that Sony is everything is still fine because they have games coming out later? I don't appreciate the double standard. If you can't see at this point that Phil is changing how MS does business, maybe E3 will open our eyes to new possibilities.

rainslacker1210d ago

Sony had their simple series of games back on the PS1. There were a couple hundred games released for it. Each on came on its own disc. It offered an inexpensive developers license to smaller independent studios which wasn't available before on consoles after the NES and developers required publisher support to make a game for consoles themselves, mostly because cartridge production was rather expensive.

MS innovated by making XNA to allow the more accessible hobbyist developer, which could also include rather small indie studios, and they did have their accessible indie initiatives for smaller developers that could self-publish through the internet, but this was something born of the internet.

All the other comparisons in your statement are just wrong.

Anyways, if PS4 has more indies now, doesn't that just go to show that MS kind of gave up on the market, whereas Sony embraced it? Should they be criticized for that? That seems a bit disingenuous given that you applaud MS so heavily for bringing it to consoles. By your reasoning, you would say that MS did a bad thing for bringing indies to console.

gangsta_red1209d ago


"Anyways, if PS4 has more indies now, doesn't that just go to show that MS kind of gave up on the market, whereas Sony embraced it?"

Sony pretty much pushed the whole indie marketing movement complete with the PR tagline of "<3 indies" to compensate for their lack of triple A titles. This was pretty much the motive behind this band wagon movement coming off of the heels of MS's own successful XNA games.

I said this in the past and it seems pretty obvious now. MS never gave up on indies they just didn't need to put them on a pedestal and force feed them down their fans throat as Sony did.

rainslacker1209d ago

I don't think MS gave up on indies, just that ilikepizza's reasonings conflict with one another.

I don't see Sony's push for indies as a way to compensate for their perceived lack of AAA 1st party titles, just as Sony recognizing the merits and popularity of indie games that has come about in recent years.

Sony was pushing indie games last gen as well when they were releasing a ton of games. They've expanded on that this gen, and made indie game development more accessible on the PS4. Why wouldn't they promote that as a key part of their marketing since it is a key part of their system. They haven't stopped making AAA games in favor of indie games, they've only started investing more in indie development.

It's only fan boys who want to make the indie scene a negative now, mostly to try and reinforce this narrative that Sony isn't making or releasing AAA games.

wegetsignalx1203d ago

Sony is not cutting back on AAA 1st party games. PS4 has both exclusive heavy hitters and indies/remasters. You are spreading lies and trolling as usual.

Sony has far more 1st party support. To be announced shortly: The Last of Us 2, God of War 4, Gran Turismo 7, Horizon, Gravity Rush 2, and AAA games from Sucker Punch, Media Molecule, Japan Studio, Guerilla Cambridge, Sony Bend, Sony London, and Quantic Dream.

DigitalRaptor1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Jesus Christ, Gangsta.

What garbage are you spewing? Are you trying to prove that you're not a fanboy, or that you are?

Sony started their adornment of homebrew indies last gen, and ramped it up during the times in which they were releasing the most first-party content out of any of the console manufacturers. What an obtuse liar you are proving to be. So where's your proof of that which you claim? You're always so eager to ask Sony fans for evidence on claims (not Xbox fans though, they're golden), but not playing by your own rules now are you G?

Nope - you are making up things to suit your agenda of discrediting indie devs and their place on the PS4, whilst ignoring that no generation in PlayStation history has had a stellar first or second year in terms of first-party releases. Yes Gangsta, a "bandwagon movement" to do the same as any other generation with their first-party developers. What a useless bandwagon.... LOLZ.

"MS never gave up on indies they just didn't need to put them on a pedestal and force feed them down their fans throat as Sony did."

The developers don't seem to be saying that en masse now do they? They were sure as heck asking for a program that MS didn't make sure to incentivise or makes appealing to them. Goddamn to your lies. You've shown your colours one too many times.

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