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Gamespot writes: "Hatred is a boring ‘80s-style arcade game with excellent visuals. There are dozens of better, cheaper games that do what Hatred does."

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Eonjay1239d ago

OMG. Why do I get the feeling that this game is about to be publicly dismantled.

BiggerBoss1239d ago

I get the feeling that youre right, and I also have a feeling that its only going to make the game more popular. Controversy is what is selling this game.

Eonjay1239d ago

But obviously with a review like that becoming more popular might not be what it deserves. You know, like its merit.

Pastorfuzz1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Already playing it. Reminds me of Painkiller only killing Civilians instead of demons. The game was cheap enough and I think it's a good way to blow off some steam. And I have yet to encounter any bugs. Plays smooth. How many games can you say that about now days!

CorndogBurglar1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Well it probably is, but its expected. Even people on this site that supported the game pre-release say it isn't very fun...or even good for that matter.

If the people that were hyped for it are saying its garbage then i fully expect the non-supporters to rip it a new one.

It should also be expected because the devs talked very little about the game itself, as far as gameplay, mission types, you know, the important things that make a game good. Instead, they put all their focus into the controversy. That should have been a big flashing warning sign. When a dev says next to nothing about their game pre-launch aside from how edgy and controversial it is, it should be no surprise when the game is lacking in the important areas.

mikeslemonade1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

The problem I bet part of the negative score is because it offends people. If the game offends you at all you shouldn't be reviewing the game.

The same can be said for kiddy nintendo games. If the game is too kiddy for you, then you shouldn't be reviewing the game.

If you have a pre-conceived bias that will skew the score of the game then don't review it.

hay1239d ago

It's a fun Postal clone, and the way it's getting low scores is clearly unprofessional. But hey, Games Pot, nobody's getting high score without the approval of paying overlords.

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Erik73571239d ago

Meh...gta orginaly got bad reviews for what it did.

freshslicepizza1239d ago

all hype with boring and repetitive gameplay but it's currently the top seller on steam. guess all the controversy paid off but i'm guessing it will be short lived.

redey31239d ago

So you believe the feminist gamespot reviews?


"User reviews: Very Positive (940 reviews)"

I also have the game, and it can't be lower than a 8/10 in it's genre. It's very fun and makes you try hard even though you die dozens of times (it's hard).

freshslicepizza1239d ago

i believe this review,

everything i've seen on the game looks ok but very repetitive. the violence ironically isn't that big of a deal. mortal kombat and even sniper elite games are more violent.

redey31239d ago

Oh. So... Gone Home isn't repetive? Look at the score it got on gamespot. The game being ''ok'' shouldn't get a score lower than 5. If you read his review, you would see he has a ''hatred'' ( ironically) of the game even before playing it. Considering the budget and the scope of the game, it's has gorgeous graphics - it is bugs free - and has great destruction model. You can't judge it for being boring if you didn't play it. Watching people play and playing it myself is like watching a nice cheesburger on a ad and eating it myself.

freshslicepizza1239d ago

then tell me what keeps the game interesting beyond 10 minutes of playing? tell me about the depth of the game? i own the game nation red and after 10 minutes i find it boring. this looks to be the same.

i also don't like the game gone home so that comparison isn't going to change my opinion. that game isn't very comparable to begin with, it's more about exploration and storytelling but it was very boring to me and i stopped playing it after an hour into it. does hatred have a good story it and does hatred have good character development?

and yes you can tell by watching videos how the game is so don't try and oversell it.

redey31239d ago

Dude are you serious??? Gamespot considers I am bread a 5!!!! And you talk about the story? Just stop talking. Please.

freshslicepizza1239d ago

3 comments are you are still unable to tell me what's good about the game other than you say it's hard and has good graphics with good destruction. not once did you disagree that it's repetitive with no real depth to it, nothing about the story or character development. you also didn't say anything about attributes and levelling up.

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AstroCyborg1239d ago

i bet if this game was made by rockstar it would of gotten a 10

BiggerBoss1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Because if it was made by Rockstar it wouldnt have been such a mediocre game...

AstroCyborg1236d ago

yet this mediocre rockstar game got great reviews

SolidGear31239d ago

Probably. I'd rather play this than any boring GTA game.

cpayne931239d ago

Never thought I would hear that one.

Grap1239d ago

Lol obviously he is being sarcastic.

wakeNbake1239d ago

Yeah because Rockstar makes good games, this doesnt seem to be one, regardless of the theme's controversy.

Rimeskeem1239d ago

I'm guessing it's gonna get a lot of hate in the next weeks

u4one1239d ago

because it would have been a proper, well thought out game with character development, good writing and a lot of diverse gameplay.

WeAreLegion1239d ago

That's insulting. Rockstar makes incredible games. It's not about the subjects. It's about the overall quality of the game. If Manhunt had played this poorly, it would have gotten slammed, too.

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001239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

I'm getting a sense these "professional" reviews are using a lot of words but end up saying nothing. the only problem with the game is the optimization, everything else is subjective.

Bimkoblerutso1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Take it from me. Having played it, it's pretty clear that it was meant to sell on the merits of it's controversial subject matter and little else.

Mechanically, it's just completely unmemorable. Neither terrible nor great. That's kind of the worst area a piece of entertainment can fall into, really.

001239d ago

maybe for you, but for me I would compare it to how I played GTA, mindless destruction and mayhem the simple fun.

Fireseed1239d ago


Completely ignoring the totally crap controls right?

moomoo3191239d ago

I watched some game-play earlier and it doesn't look half bad. Just a unique shoot-em-up with some slick visuals.

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