Evolve/Left 4 Dead Developer Turtle Rock Studios Working on New AAA Game

The Games Cabin: Turtle Rock Studios has been beavering away on Evolve for the past couple of years - something we're thankful for, it's a cracking game! - but now it seems the studio is ready for its next challenge - a brand spanking new AAA game.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima966d ago (Edited 966d ago )

I'm glad it's a new game and not Evolve 2. Excited to see what they're working on in due time.

subtenko966d ago

I hope Turtle Rock and 2K have learned their lesson from all the BS they pulled with Evolve. It did NOT do well as they would have liked. Serves them right...

Dont fk up this time boys.....

_-EDMIX-_966d ago


so not sure what you mean. 2K was happy with sales.

@Ironfist-....yet L4D1 and 2 exist. Yet Evolve exist, Titanfall etc. Don't play MP only titles then, all games don't need MP modes, all games don't need SP modes.

subtenko965d ago

No the game was fun in its concept,they did many bad business practices... I've played MP only...

crazychris4124966d ago

Doesnt say if its a new IP, new game or Evolve 2.

"Strong sense of visual design for architecture, vehicles, and weapons"

Its visual design for vehicles which Evolve had when you had to get off and on the dropship at the start and end of the match.

Whatever they do dont release dozens of pieces of dlc on Day 1

1nstan7966d ago

I agree. OP is misleading!

IamTylerDurden1966d ago (Edited 966d ago )

Your avatar is really off putting, it hate looking at it.

Not a fan of evolve or L4D style games that have little to no sp.

Evolve to me was titanfall. Not a fan of a mp only game, i'll take Wolfenstein, infamous, Metro or Borderlands over that mp only stuff.

I prefer Avalanche even to turtlerock.

LifeInNZ966d ago

I would love a new Left 4 Dead however, after the abysmal Evolve we need a new definition for what constitutes what is and what isn't a AAA game. Evolve was tagged as being AAA but it was anything but from a consumer perspective.

Pandamobile966d ago

Consumer response doesn't change anything. A triple-A game is still a triple-A game.

BiggerBoss966d ago

Would be awesome. I loved the first but never got to play the 2nd bc my 360 kicked the bucket.

_-EDMIX-_966d ago

L4D3 I believe is already being worked on (rumored) and I don't think its Turtle Rock doing it.

buy hey, Valve could just be trolling lolz.

NerveGearneeded965d ago

valve owns left 4 dead. turtle rock says thats the question they get asked about the most, is where is l4d3. they made it sound like its not going to happen in an interview i listened to.

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ScorpiusX966d ago

L4D 3 exclusive to Xbox one/PC would be great.

BiggerBoss966d ago

Why would that be great to you? Just so PS gamers cant play it? Gamers have become so childish and spiteful...

L4D 3 for all platforms would be great.

DOMination-966d ago

Why was Silent Hills supposedly going to be PS exclusive? Because "its synonymous with the brand"

Antifan966d ago

Xbone exclusive? Idk, developers are starting to learn that going exclusive to Xbox is a bad business decision. Excluding 20 million players, you're dreaming, fanboy lol.

DOMination-966d ago

But it was ok for example, Level 5 to ignore 70 million with Ni No Kuni?

Rookie_Monster966d ago (Edited 966d ago )

L4d 1 and 2 very classics on X360 and it would be wise to keep it in the xbox family if there is indeed a L4D3. I wouldn't be shock if MS outright buy the IP as they already did with Gears and Minecraft.

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Crummybear966d ago

I would love to get a new L4D with vehicles. I would imagine apocalypse style makeshife vehicles for humans, and super powered zombie classes capible of taking out those vehicles. L4D had some of the best MP ever.

Thunder_G0d_Bane966d ago

Dying Light captured what I wanted in a left 4 dead sequel.

We will see if L4D3 can top the bar set by Dying light.

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