Beach Buggy Racing (PS4) Review - Push Square

Push Square: "There's too much content in Beach Buggy Racing for it to accurately be described as shallow, but outside of the seaside motif, there's not a whole lot here that feels fresh. The controls can seem slow at first and it fails to address many of the genre's major pitfalls, but if you're desperate for a kart racer on your PS4, then this sunny side up outing should tide you over until something better comes along. Just remember to slap on the sunscreen before taking to the track."

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amnalehu1286d ago

I don't think the reviewer spent much time with this game. I felt the same way about the controls until I figured out that you have to use the break button to help you turn while holding the gas button. The game is not broken. The couch multi-player works fine with up to four players split screen. There is a lot of variety in the tracks and some truly unique design. Most importantly, BBR is FUN to play. Beach Buggy Racing does not deserve a failing review score is well worth the coin.