Destiny Needs Matchmaking Whether Bungie Agrees or Not

"The repeated decision to take matchmaking options out of Destiny is becoming a major issue. The Fireteam Chat crew discusses why."

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mochachino1268d ago

Oh my god I agree so much with IGN on this. I've been asking for RAID matchmaking for so long.

The lack of matchmaking is ruining the game. Thank you IGN for bringing this up, the community has been asking for so long but it's nice to see a major site picking up on it.

KyRo1267d ago

I don't think it does need matchmaking, at least for trails and raids. Imagine all the new players trying a raid for the first time, dying 50 times, no good weapons and armour and rage Quiting. All it would do is infuriate the players who do know what they're doing.

What I think they should do is incorporate something that PS Home had. While I barley used it, you could add statuses under your PSN name/avatar name like 'looking to play 'insert game'' etc. Now if you could do that in the tower/reef you could see the gear they have, the level they are and if they have or haven't done the raids before. There's no way to check all that when you match made with randoms in destiny.

ABizzel11267d ago

If you know what you're doing chances are you're not looking for matchmaking on a regular basis to being with.

Matchmaking is need simply because you can't always get a group of 3 / 6 of your friends together to do up to 3 Raids (POE), with up to 3 characters, EVERY week.

The app is suppose to help with this, but frankly it doesn't fix the problem. Matchmaking would eliminate plenty of these issues, and the same way they block people from doing missions that are beyond their level, it should offer the same criteria for harder raids (such as the player must be level 32 or higher for POE).

If you've made it to level 34 you have at least a basic understanding of the game, and that's enough to coach a team to accomplish most challenges and help players get through all the content each week rather than missing out simply because they don't have 3 or more friends to do it with.

kayoss1267d ago

A lot of people do Crota's Raid because the loot are more rewarding and the armor are better. One big thing about the Crota's raid is because you can actually successfully Solo the entire raid if you wanted it ot (Since i've become level 34, Ive soloing Crota Hard mode).
The problem with Vault of Glass is that you cant really Solo it. Its almost nearly impossible to Solo VOG. This is why a lot of people dont do VOG. Having the option to select Match making for these Raid will increase it's play through. I can honestly tell you that since I've gotten the FateBringer, i dont really complete the VOG any more. I get to the Gorgon Maze chest and thats it.

Menkyo1267d ago

This guy gets it. Its bad enough doing the vanguard playlist and having a douche bag quit because he was just logging in for a few minutes and didn't want to PVP. Just join a clan and problem solved.

"I don't want to join a clan, I shouldn't have to join a clan to get my monies worth" yeah well I shouldn't have to go into pvp to complete exotic bounties. Yeah it sucks to have to join a clan in a game designed around clans.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1267d ago

Totally agree, its what stopping me from playing Destiny as it stands right now.

UKmilitia1267d ago

its why i sold it twice.
Reached lvl 30 and was bored,wanted to do the weeklys and raids etc with matchmaking and it obviously doenst have them.
it should be an option in every game mode.(the users choice)

GameSpawn1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

I'm not going to disagree that all modes need some form of matchmaking, BUT KyRo has some points.

I've run VoG a few times myself and numerous Nightfalls and trust me when I say it would be a whole new level of hell doing those with PUGs that (1) barely meet the level requirement, (2) have NO mics or form of communication besides dancing and waving, and/or (3) no experience or weapons that would prove to be any use. It is one thing to wipe over and over again on a Strike [that takes an experienced group 15 minutes to finish] with checkpoints and be done in maybe an hour. It is another to go through a Raid (or high level PoE) that on average for an experienced group (maybe sherpa'ing a couple new players) will take a little over an hour. 15 minutes vs 1 hour...with experience and communication! Yeah, I can understand the exclusion of matchmaking on certain end game stuff. On the Raids PUGs would just lead to endless amounts of frustration and rage quits making those activities take even longer than they need to [by a LOT].

Does this mean that this content can never have matchmaking? Hell no!

There could just be limitations put on the matchmaking for endgame content, such as an option to be matched only with mic users. They should also only allow matchmaking if you meet or exceed the level of the content being played [28 VoG - 28+ Players; 30 VoG/30 Crota - 30+ Players; 33 Crota - 33+ Players; etc. for PoE]. This way there is no damage penalty for under leveled players (for those out of the loop with Destiny -1 from enemy level = ~30% damage penalty, -2 = ~40%, -3 = ~50%, and -4+ is a 100% penalty meaning enemies 4 levels over yours don't even feel a tickle - you are cannon fodder). People within the 3 level window could still play in the end game stuff, but they would just need to be part of a pre-made Fireteam or be invited.

Another thing to keep in mind if matchmaking is added to end game content is that if you use it you would forfeit that "right to kick" meaning if someone isn't pulling their weight and/or being a complete dick you cannot get rid of them.

Hereiamhereibe21267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Love your comment,
Also id like to add, if you dont like how Destiny works than stop playing it. If you cant make friends play a single player game, if you suck at video games/technology go outside. It seems like alot of people have someone with a gun to their head like "You better play Destiny! You better enjoy it too!" Stop and go play witcher i dont want to be matchmade with you fucking losers if im going to two man Crota, hell if they did that to me id immediately sell destiny.

bjmartynhak1267d ago

I simply stopped playing because of it.

Or it could actually balanced to play solo.

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ZaWarudo1267d ago

It's the reason why i haven't bought Destiny yet.

No raid matchmaking is a no-buy for me.

rhap1267d ago

I stopped playing the game because of this. I just want to login, get in a random group and do content, no matter how hard it could be with random people. That would have made me buy the two expansions and keep playing it.

Baka-akaB1267d ago

Quite honestly , with random strangers , the game lack all interest and purpose , but it should be left up to people to decide

Kurt Russell1267d ago

I still haven't played a Raid because of this...

Thunder_G0d_Bane1267d ago

Same. Bungie needs to take their fingers out their ears and get with the program.

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