Sony remastering its 2010 E3 press conference for 2015 (Satire)

After admitting it has nothing worthwhile to show for the rest of 2015, Sony today confirmed rumors it will be remastering its 2010 press conference for this year’s E3. Called “Sony 2010 Press Conference: The DE3finitive Edition,” the remaster will allow Sony to revisit a time when it actually made new games for people to get excited about.

“Do you remember 2010? God that was a great year for us,” reminisced Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House during the announcement. “Killzone 3, the PlayStation Move, a new Twisted Metal... ohmygod remember when people were excited about a new Twisted Metal game? Jeez, it’s amazing what you can do when you try.”

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Rimeskeem1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

I know this is satire but "made new games"

Because MS totally isn't making a 5th Halo, or 7th Forza, or 4th Gears, or 3rd Crackdown, or 3rd Fable

Either way, I'm looking forward to all E3 conferences. Now that I have an Xbox One I can look forward to MS conference and I really hope for some new IP's!

Nosred1240d ago

At least she's doing, different from Sony that only one of UP in next-generation games and still working for the price of a new game.

And still have alienated defending it.

Ezz20131240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

It's ok
It's trying to communicate with us


OB1Biker1240d ago

tbh reading this comment and your history comments Im not surprised there s so much crap submitted and approved on this site.

KwietStorm1240d ago

Well I definitely can't argue with what you said....

SniperControl1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Could the one person who agreed, kindly translate for the rest of us, obviously you understood nosred's statement.

BitbyDeath1240d ago

Something about Aliens I think...

DarkOcelet1240d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

After minutes of decyphering this comment, here is what i think he said... And no, i am not the one who agreed with him...

Basically he is talking about Master Chief Collection and God Of War 3 remastered or The Last Of Us remastered.

MS remastered the 4 games for a price a new game and God Of War 3 remastered is 40$ or TLOUR for 60$ so that's outrageous and he cant believe people are defending it.

johndoe112111239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Ok I got it. He said that sony is building a nextgen system for the price of a new game to oneup some female.

Then he said that the first game released for it will be a game where you defend the earth from aliens.........or aliens will be defending the system from people buying it, one of the two.

Lore1239d ago

Will Jack Tretton be remastered as well?

Paytaa1239d ago

Seriously, where were you going with this? That gave me a headache trying to decipher that mess

Chaos-Dad1239d ago

"TLOUR for 60$"

TLoU for 60$!? Day1 45$ for me...

Conzul1239d ago

OOooooh! I would LOVE a remaster of Jack Tretton!!!!

ShinMaster1239d ago

Sony only released like 1 or 2 remasters.

Most of the remasters came from third-party publishers.

It would have been funnier if the article realized the facts before trying to be funny.

Dee_911239d ago

there's nothing I love more than a serious response to a joke.


4Sh0w1239d ago

Nosred reading your post made my Nosebleed.

ChristianTheAtheist1239d ago

Sony: please remaster this comment.

MasterCornholio1239d ago


So Sony is building an anti Anita gaming system?

Well I can't disagree with that.


johndoe112111239d ago


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KiwiViper851240d ago

They're still new games, sequels or not.

DillyDilly1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Sony has their own list of franchise sequels they love milking. It works both ways

Rimeskeem1240d ago

Besides MLB and GT, Have any of them span across 3 console generations?

Rimeskeem1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

I mean, I guess, it depends on how you look at it.

Moldiver1239d ago

"Besides MLB and GT, Have any of them span across 3 console generations?"

Love how you were so specific with that "three generations thing. That kind of negates sony own milking a little...You forgot wipeout btw.

But hey we had 6 wipeout games. on just the home consoles.. how about all them ridge racers? How many final fantasy sequels have been on PS? 9 numbered games plus tactics, and whatever else? three UC games in one generation. 3 resistance games in one generation. 3 killzone games in one generation. three motorstorm games in one generation. in one generation. three god of wars games plus the remakes on PS3 and the GOW3 remake on PS4 since the first one on PS2. 5 persona games since PS2. not including spin offs....

Im not even saying its wrong to make sequels..or "rehash"if you like that word. If a game is good and has a following, it deserves a sequel. But here is the facts. NO fanboy BS. Just numbers. Sony has made more sequels. its only a glaring issue with Xbox because they have less IP, so it highlights this issue more. but the reality is while sony have made more IP, they have also released more sequels. And lets be real, if the other IPs were as succesful as GT they too would be on their seventh installment. Sony like money as well, you know?

SoapShoes1239d ago

Molediver the games you listed are mostly not even made by Sony. Lol

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DillyDilly1240d ago

Sony has their own list of franchise sequels they love milking. It works both ways

Milkshake1240d ago

There should be a bubble down for "bad grammar". God! My head hurts!

Blaze9291239d ago

lmao this was actually pretty funny - in the sense of what they've been doing lately lol

Azzanation1239d ago

But the difference is those games are coming out, these are the games that gamers buy Xbox for. You don't need new IPs to have a entertaining console. I only brought a Xbox for Halo and Gears, everything else I buy on PC. Sony aren't even releasing the games that there fanbase want, UC4 is 2016 and apart from GoW3 RM there isn't really much to chat about. Sure there are games coming to PS4 but lets be honest, I wouldn't buy a PS4 for games like Until Dawn etc because I have no idea if these games are any good, UC4 however I know will be a good game but where is it? 343 managed to release 4 Halo games and still releasing Halo 5 in 2015 same with Forza, where's GT7? These are the things MS are doing well and that's offering there fanbase the games they want while SOny we seem to be waiting.

Azzanation1239d ago

Quote *7th Forza*

For the record, the next Forza is number 6 not 7. The next GT is number 7.

emilijo7771239d ago

6 Gran Turismo games in 17 years
5 Forza games in 10 years

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Rookie_Monster1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Lol..Funny article and yet it is correct at the same time. There is really no idication that Sony will have anything release for the Fall this year. Hope I'm wrong as I do own a PS4, but it is not looking pretty right now.

Avernus1240d ago

If only there was an event coming up where these companies can showcase what they're working on, and publishers can surprise people with if only...

Kingscorpion711240d ago

They already release two new exclusives. They have Until Dawn coming out in August. How many new exclusives do they have to release a year? Microsoft hasn't release one exclusive this year yet.

SoapShoes1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Plus they have Tearaway Unfolded as well as several third party exclusives like FFX HD, Omega Quintet, Toukiden Kiwami, Killing Floor 2, Persona 5, MLB The Show, FFXIV Heavensword, J Stars, Godzilla, Dragon Quest Heroes, and several more not on the top of my head.

Yet MS can release three games at the end of the year and everyone is going nuts.... -_-

Kiwi661239d ago

Then what the hell do you call Screamride as its not on playstation but on xbox , which last time i checked is made by ms

kraenk121240d ago

You own a PS4?! Yeah, sure...we believe you.

buttcheeks1239d ago

You wouldn't be so bad if you dropped the whole blind biased fanboy thing you got going on rookie

DigitalRaptor1239d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Sony has already released 2 new AAA IPs this year already, and will be releasing another in August. Then... Persona 5, Tearaway Unfolded and plenty of other larger scale indie games will be releasing this year too. Intriguing horror game SOMA in September is looking absolutely great. No Man's Sky is set to be released this year too ( evidence: ), is a massive game in terms of scale and shared excitement. Killing Floor 2, The Forest, RiME, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Drawn to Death, The Witness. The list goes on.

There is an abundance of PS4 games spread throughout the year, and way more than the competition could muster. So, if you care about the entire year, it's looking mighty fine as of now even without additionally announced content. If you are a North American dudebro who puts a greater stress on the fall/holidays for a reason that can only be pinpointed as fanboyism, then I guess it would not be looking pretty.

Plus, there is indication that an Uncharted Trilogy Collection could be releasing this year, and the rest of the indications come from the fact that Sony has historically managed to announce games at E3 to be released the same year - in fact they did it last year. PS4 had 3 great games for fall/holidays last year, but was supposedly barren. Dat logic.


You sound confident for somebody who is point blank wrong.

Until Dawn is AAA whether you want to comprehend so or not. It's no less of a game than Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls were last generation, and both of those games had budgets in the tens of millions. It takes a google search, In fact, Until Dawn is a bigger game. It has AAA production values and visuals. It has a more adaptive branching narrative than anything Quantic Dream has done in the past, and has more playable characters in addition which means more lines of dialogue which means more money spent on character modelling and bringing that characters to life via recording and keyframe animation. It is fully mo-capped by a list of Hollywood actors who have to receive their paycheck from Sony, including the legendary Peter Stormare.

@ Rainslacker

Extremely well said. This dude regularly has issues with accepting the truth in matters that concern PS4 having more games to offer than the Xbox One, so naturally the excuses come flying in to shelter the Xbox One and discredit a fatter PS4 lineup. Of course, none of them can possibly change a damn thing about PS4 having way more to offer, and a richer variety of games. Apparently, the PS4 having more games than Xbox is now an opinion.

And yeah, why don't we just randomly discredit Rise of the Tomb Raider by calling it "timed-exclusive" or "cross-gen". Or why don't we discredit Fable Legends for being "free-to-play"? Because it's stupid.

Why these Xbros have such issues with accepting this home-run reality, I don't know.

@ Gangsta_red

Mentioning me to try and discredit me without actually proving anything I said to be incorrect. Sooooo weak.

You still haven't answered his question. Even without showing it, PS4 still has more games. You bring up [email protected], but I also wonder why the 3x as many PSN indie games on not on there either. It would take days to compile such a list, and we all know the truth that you're hilariously unwilling to accept, but would rather spin.

LAWSON721239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Until Dawn is AAA... Okay. Apparently anything published by Sony is AAA. The only way Until Dawn will have AAA ads is if Sony has a very lackluster exclusive lineup this holiday otherwise it is by no means AAA

MasterCornholio1239d ago


So was Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls. Even Farenheight was considered a AAA game.

Learn what AAA means before claiming that Until Dawn isn't a AAA title.

rainslacker1239d ago

Why do Xbox fans never link listwar to back up their arguments? Is listwar inaccurate? It does all the work for you to make a list of games that breaks down the data so you can support your argument. Seriously, you provide a link, and you see just how few games Sony is releasing this year in comparison to MS.'s easy I'll show you so I can make your argument properly by showing proof that MS has more releasing this holiday.

You'll have to manually work out what's 1st party, and what's releasing this year(highlight by hovering to see if the release date is this year). But all the known info is there.

Beyond that, all these arguments are pointless because no one knows what's going to happen at E3.

gangsta_red1239d ago

There sure are a lot of remasters, cross gen and japanese specific games on that list. seems to be used by Sony fans only to prove how much more shovelware they have compared to the other platforms. With that i guess they can use that site for bragging rights.

I do agree that these arguments are pointless since it's all a matter of personal taste.

magiciandude1239d ago

You forgot this:

MS released as many new IPs as Sony, yet Sony fans always have the nerve to bash MS for releasing only Forza, Halo, Gears, and Fable, and take so much pride in their misinformation.

rainslacker1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )


I didn't forget it. OP made no mention of new IP's. For 1st party new IP's, I still see more on the PS side. MS has more only if you include 2nd/3rd party...and shovelware if you want to go with gansta's comment as well.


So? Does that change the number of 1st party AAA IP's releasing this year? Does that mean that the PS4 has fewer games than the X1?

Do you think those retail games listed here are actually shovelware? Some are of course, but most of them aren't. Even if you remove the shovelware both sides, Sony is still ahead.

And why do Japanese centric games not get counted? I personally don't care for most western-centric games, but I don't exclude them. Are we only counting popular IP's now?

Maybe next we can exclude all games that don't have the letter G in the can't do that, PS4 still comes out ahead. PS4 has the most games with the letter G in the title. Oh wait...yeah we can use that criteria, because JRPG's don't count....oh, since then they'd be even at zero, G is out. Oh wait...forgot Gulty Gear. Sony Wins. But wait...That's Sony doubling up on the G's, so that's not fair and causes an imbalance to pad their numbers. That's how moronic this whole debate has gotten.

What will be the next criteria I have to adjust my comment to? Can't I just keep the criteria for the person I'm replying to, or do I have to keep doing all the work to show that Sony still comes out ahead in all ways except 1st party exclusives releasing this holiday? All I'm really asking for is that people who want to posit a theory, at least do their own work on why their theory is right based on the criteria that they themselves lay down.

Not an attack on you there, just showing my frustration that these arguments are pointless. Since we agree on that one point lets just leave it at that.

gangsta_red1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

"Does that change the number of 1st party AAA IP's releasing this year?"

Yes it does...since a lot of those Japanese specific games are not appealing at all. The remasters are not interesting and I can get a lot of those games on PS3. Makes that listwar pretty irrelevant for people like me or for people who share my opinion.

I love it how you guys use listwar as if having MORE means better. The Wii had a whole lot more games too did that make that console more appealing? I wonder why no one thought the Wii was a superior console for having way more triple A games than the competition.
Or are we going to start excluding the Wii games for waggle, kiddie games or any other excuse?

Stop hiding behind and pretending that those games are greatly anticipated by every Sony fan or even talked about by the gaming masses.

It's even more moronic that you and others simply put that link down and drop the mic and think you won some kind of console war debate. And it shows when a person like DigitalRaptor is running on to the field to high five you.

I wonder why Listwar doesn't mention Inside, Lovers in Dangerous Space time or Cuphead and other upcoming [email protected] games coming this year in the digital section.... ???

rainslacker1238d ago

"Makes that listwar pretty irrelevant for people like me or for people who share my opinion." Does your preference of games change the facts of the quantity of 1st party AAA IP's releasing this year? Are you saying only your opinion matters?

OK then. Im not a huge FPS fan, and I'm not interested in getting another racing game until I'm ready to get a new wheel setup, so MS line up has absolutely nothing this year because Halo is a FPS, and for Forza the prerequisite requirement for purchase doesn't reside in my house.

See how this whole goal post moving is making it hard to even have the conversation?

The listwar argument is not about SUBJECTIVE QUALITY, it's about FACTUAL QUANTITY. Since this whole conversation is about the number of games, and not which one has better games, I fail to see why you are trying, once again, to change the parameters of what we're counting to make our arguments.

"Stop hiding behind and pretending that those games are greatly anticipated by every Sony fan or even talked about by the gaming masses"

I'm not hiding behind it. I'm using it as a reference. Something I wish more people would do. If not listwars, then at least some reference which would actually let them make their argument and prove that Sony doesn't meet the criteria for "winning". I don't pretend that those games are greatly anticipated, nor will I, but if you want to get into it, also tell Xbox fans to stop mentioning Ori, Screamride, or even ROTTR as being greatly anticipated. I guess our criteria now is hype???

We put the link down because no one cares to cite and back up how their argument is right based on their own reasoning. It's not my fault that people don't want to be factual for their own arguments. I don't drop the mike, I present my argument, back it up where I can, then respond when I can when the eventual comment comes that tries to change the parameters. What I'd like is for me, or other PS fans, to not have to keep doing this so all this misinformation will stop being spread on a minute by minute basis with ever changing parameters.

Listwar doesn't mention several games from either platform. If you care to reference listwar, then feel free to add them when making our counts. You don't have to link listwar itself, just when making counts, or doing lists, be factual with the information you present.

In the meantime, you have yet to answer my question on why it isn't used, or the more over-reaching question, why do Xbox fans often make their comparisons in such a manner as to try and be right, despite them still often being wrong. I wouldn't be asking this of someone who gave their reasons if those reasons were subjective like what kind of game appeals to them, unless they decided to make it seem like other games were meaningless because of that same reason.

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SolidDuck1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

I'm sure sony will announce more. But they do have persona 5, to me better than anything ms has coming. And until dawn, which is a new ip, could be good or not, but a new interesting ip at least. Because those games don't have guns and bro's no one seems to care. Everyone keeps saying Sony has no exclusives this year. They have the two best ones to me in bloodborne and persona 5. Yes persona 5 is on ps3 as well. So its a Sony exclusive not just ps4.

divinealpha1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Sony will have a good conference this year.

MegaRay1239d ago

I agree. Persona 5 gonna rock. But not everybody like Japanese games :/

Snookies121239d ago

I hope we get to see a new trailer for P5 at their E3 conference!

dillhole1240d ago

Like articles from The Onion, the entire joke is in the title. I'm not saying it isn't a funny joke, I'm just saying you don't need to read the whole thing.

Tetsdah1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Lol, yea these have been funny to read. Looking forward to seeing if his predictions will be true. Other funny thing about this article is the complaints of no new games. Lol, I guess both sides are remastering conferences huh....

ilikepizza1239d ago

with out even reading the article i see a valid point. The move was promised and hyped to the max (i remember kobe bryant using it to play nba2k) and how did it go? Now you want people to get excited to buy move all over again and drop a fish tank on there head to play limited VR games when you have the oculous rift out there doing gta5. Really sony..... This confrence will be an epic failure and to think of people going to a movie theater to watch this lol. You could watch trailer of all the multiplats at home.

chrisco84au1239d ago

I am glad you like pizza because you obviously do not like common sense.

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