The Last Guardian Drinking Game - E3 2015 Edition

Paul James of BGU writes "The Last Guardian is a painful subject for any owner of a PS3 or PS4. It’s so painful because the wait has been so long, so we propose a drinking game to help us get by, a game that may make the Playstation E3 2015 Press Conference a bit more bearable should the game not resurface."

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Rimeskeem1263d ago

I can imagine it now


reported casualties now estimating upwards of 2 million

jhoward5851262d ago

Is that a beer in your hand? Who's buying?

Rookie_Monster1262d ago

This game is giving Duke Nukum Forever a run for its money for the longest delay in history.

Rimeskeem1262d ago

uhm, Duke Nukem was indevelopment for 15, TLG has ben in development for 8 years. There is still a long way to go before the record is beaten.

poor_cus_of_games1262d ago

Not likely rookie. Too human takes that award. Especially for an exclusive game.

guyman1262d ago

Lmao why are you in this article, "rookie" you dont even have a ps4. Troll.

IamTylerDurden11262d ago

I could care less for the last guardian when Sony has Until Dawn, Rapture, SOMA, Uncharted 4, God of War, Persona 5, Street Fighter V, Rime, The Forest, NO MAN'S SKY, Edith Finch, Ethan Carter, Tomorrow Children, GG's Horizon, Killstrain, Wander, Deep Down, Alienation, Wild, The Witness, Let it Die, Hellblade, Galak-Z, Snow, Day Z, Planetside 2, Hollowpoint, Media Molecule new ip, Quantic Dream new ip, SCE Bend new game, Broforce, Uncharted Collection, Ratchet & Clank, Gravity Rush 2, Tearaway Unfolded and more on the imminent horizon.

Ever hear of Project Morpheus? Virtual Reality? I"ll take that, a PS4 and a GDDR5 to go thanks - don't worry it's not all for me it's for my Sony family as well, we love all the interesting and diverse flavors Sony cooks us up. To be honest ms and the masterchef are getting a bit stale with the same old thing every yr, the same tasteless boring flavor evey yr. Oh and i've had the forza twice already this gen i don't think i can stomach a 3rd, ms needs a new menu.

Then again when u starve ppl all yr long with pathetic appetizers they will gobble up any reheated garbage u feed them. Ms has no flavor and no taste, my pallet craves diversity and creativity.

Elit3Nick1262d ago

This, right here, sums up what's wrong with fanboys today...

IamTylerDurden11262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Very specific mate.

I could've said it in plain English too but i decided to be creative, sorry.

What's wrong with fanboys is illogical arguments and jumping on internet propaganda as fact and attacking anyone who disagrees ie "30-40% boost for xbone ian bell was definitely talking about xbone u just don't read", "ms IS buying Silent Hills for billions u fanboy hater u shouldn't even be posting here", "the cloud will make xbone 3x more powerful". This type of nonsensical drivel has a backlash to it, sorry to say. Also, it's backlash from the same "Sony has no games comming up " nonsense. For every action there is a reaction.

Another problem with fanboys is they overuse the term "fanboy" and call others fanboy when in fact they are themselves a "fanboy".

comebackkid98911262d ago

I care. Ico is one of Sony's best studios. It's been too long since SoTC and I would prefer a fresh start over vaporware.

Elit3Nick1262d ago

You insult what has been one of the most anticipated games from one of the most respected studios, then list every single console exclusive that the PS4 is getting, then mention GDDR5 and finish off with a completely off-topic insult to MS's lineup. That pretty much the embodiment of fanboyism.

FattyBoy3D1262d ago

That list hurt my eyes. I was trying to find the AAA titles thru all the Indies

chrisco84au1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

I'm usually annoyed by bias rants but you at least gave me a giggle.
Everything you said/listed is true, you just smothered it in over the top hilarious fanboy sauce.
Bravo, bubble for you buddy. Well played.

Give the guy a breaks, 50% of the posts on here are fanboy rants, I'm sure im classed in that category at time, as is everyone else at one time or another. At least respect the effort he put in to make it amusing. Lighten up gamers, we all enjoy the same hobby, let people love one machine over the other while having a bit of fun.

@fatboy - the main thing that separates an indie from a AAA game is budget, not gameplay, fun factor, story, graphics, performance etc. you know all the things that make a game great.
Ever heard of Shovel Knight, Journey, Ori, Fez, Axiom Verge, Braid, Hotline Miami, Bastion, Limbo, Rouge Legacy, Super Stardust, Transistor, Super Meat Boy etc etc etc etc

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