Ether One Dev Talks Working with Sony and UE4, PS+ Benefits, and More in Exclusive Interview

Following Ether One's release onto PlayStation 4 and simultaneously becoming one of the console’s free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers, we sat down with sound design and composer, Nathaniel- Jorden Apostol and talked all about the transition and development process. We also finally got to find out exactly how the PlayStation Plus free games system benefits those developers and also how the relationship between Sony and indie developers really is.

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idsanty967d ago

Really interesting insight!

KryptoniteTail967d ago

PS+ doesn't pay anything? I mean, the described benefits are great but some financial compensation or at least covering the cost of the work involved in releasing it on PS4 for PS+.

C-H-E-F967d ago (Edited 967d ago )

They get paid for ps+ titles normally how much it is "expected" to sell in revenue. Sony in turn gets a percentage of future sales of the product (in most cases). Because Sony does free ad for the game and all for 1 full month. Its different for each dev of course.

_-EDMIX-_967d ago

They are marketing the game and broadening their user base. Many gamers might buy their newer games day 1 next time around. Also the PC sales of most of those games also rise during that time from the advertising. Also it doesn't stay on PS Plus for life, its a month of being offered for free, once its gone you can't get it, even if you have PS Plus.

I think its a great program and its cool to see some devs getting some help, even if their game is a bit buggy lol.

Skate-AK967d ago

Sure they got money. Something like that would probably be under NDA though.

Crispyleeks966d ago

Yeah you're absolutely right. I got the feeling he couldn't tell me the fine details of what Sony pay for a title on PS+, so instead told me about how it benefited them in a different kind of way.

C-H-E-F967d ago

this game is pretty good just downloaded it lastnight and it's pretty good.

scark92967d ago

Mine keeps crashing after an action, I love the storage system!

BitbyDeath967d ago

Mine too, I gave up and deleted it.
The action was writing a word on a poster in the pub.

SpringHeeledJack967d ago

It's a good game and original but very buggy, i got near the end and the game just keeps freezing and turns off, been patched but still didn't help.. Shame but good job it's free, this would not be acceptable for fully paid for games.

SlapHappyJesus967d ago

Blame porting to a new engine. These issues weren't present when I reviewed the original way back when.
They'll iron the issues out in time.

Truly a fantastic experience though.

LgbtWarrior967d ago

very good game great story and the new patch really helps

isarai967d ago

I really want to play it, it's got me VERY interested so far but it's very buggy and makes my PS4 sound like a damn jet engine like 30 secs after i start playing.

The93Sting966d ago

The same exact thing happens to me as well! I wonder why

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