React Podcast Episode 16: Unfair Nintendo World Championship Qualifiers & Micro-Direct Thoughts

Some funny business happened at the Nintendo World Championship Qualifiers, so we had to talk about it. Plus some thoughts on the Pre-E3 Nintendo Micro-Direct!

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Romudeth1207d ago

That's some shady shit right there.

Venomousfatman1205d ago

Its questionable indeed. But even with Nintendo giving it the OK, they really needed to make that clear for everyone in all locations. Nobody else I know in the locations near me heard about this until after it was all over.

MoreGravyPleez1207d ago

For the first part, 100% agree that the rules should be established fair across the board for all locations running the championships.

The micro-direct was pretty good. Chibi-Robo looked very cool and I look forward to the next Bravely Default game and Mystery Dungeon.

Venomousfatman1205d ago

Definitely. And the funniest part was the reaction we got after posting it up. Some were saying that we were misinformed when we really weren't.

Bravely Second and Chibi-Robo were the best games from that Micro-Direct. Really looking forward to seeing them at E3.

stephburdo1206d ago

Great podcast. Keep it coming!

Venomousfatman1205d ago

Will do! Keep spreading the world around for everyone to listen. The more the merrier!