New PS4 Themes Show that Sony Needs Some Quality Control (Or to Let Us Set Our Own Backgrounds)

The latest batch of PS4 themes released on the North American PlayStation Store really touches the lowest point so far.

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DarkOcelet1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

A 2.99$ background? That sucks. I feel bad for you my friend. You actually paid 2.99$ for that? I used to draw much better crap in my elementary school than that.

Abriael1294d ago

I felt I had to at least try one and see if it really offered nothing more than a background (since the store really isn't helpful there), before I could fairly criticize it.

SolidStoner1294d ago

its really a robbery... who thinks that crappy background should cost 2.99.... worst idea ever!

also.... all those digital games on PS store should be half the price of real blu rays...

I get new games for 60 bucks then sell them after a month or two for 50.. so I really spend 10 bucks on a full new game...

prices in digital store are insane and have no logic.. even more that bluray....

that thing has to stop..

same goes for every other thing Steam and all other stores.. prices are still way too high considering that you dont own the game, you cant sell it and it is just a copy just like in torrent site! unfair..

SolidStoner1294d ago

and if any company will consider to build theyre next console on digital only base.. then goodbye gaming for me.. we have to show our strength together and speak with our wallets! (not talking about can or cannot afford here) its really for real..

dont let big companies make fools out of people!

I NEVER used somehting from digital only.. only DLC's... and Im ashamed for that!

pivotplease1294d ago

You had me until you said half price for digital games. While they can't go for resale, they're still the same product. Maybe they should be 5 dollars cheaper and actually try to compete with amazon but half off? Nah. That and the value of resale probably applies to less than half of the gamers out there (i.e. A frugal minority). Between myself and a dozen friends that are really into gaming, all of us keep our collections. I'm actually really cheap too. I just rarely buy new. I like to go back to my games, not just rent them.

HakatoX1294d ago


take into account manufacturing and disk production overhead is the reason games are 60.00 now.

With digital medium they only pay for storage, devlopment and QC.

Even then the QC is halfassed in some cases.

Dee_911294d ago

i think its just testing waters.. i mean i wouldn't even use those if they were free..

TRS_Gear1294d ago


"and if any company will consider to build theyre next console on digital only base.. then goodbye gaming for me."

You mean like the PC with Steam?

This is a very paranoid and silly opinion to hold.

DragonKnight1294d ago

It's like I've been saying. I have not and will not pay for a "dynamic theme." $3 for a wallpaper, animated or not, is robbery. The PS3 allowed for us to make our own themes and most of those themes were leagues better than the crap done by whatever studio Sony hires to put those themes up were. That feature needs to come back, but I am also perfectly fine with keeping the free themes I have already.

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BoriboyShoGUN1294d ago

yeah those are pretty damn bad yeeesh!

LackTrue4K1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

i said this about 3 months ago, people didn't liked what i said.
I don't mind paying for them, but most are "JUNK".
the best one to-date is that free white/with blocks.
(was one of the first to be made)

SuperbVillain1294d ago

the sounds on that one are the best

Morgue1294d ago

Or just DL that stuff from whatever PS3 themes website was. I don't care about half naked fantasy girls or sports. I work in the adult industry see that crap 12 hours a day.

KyRo1294d ago

As much as some of the themes are pretty rubbish on the U.S. Store, you should feel lucky you get as many as you do. The UK store still has next to none. I think at most we have about 15, most of them being static images.

Berenwulf1294d ago

I never bought a theme and I still have 10 great free themes in my library, I don't know why people have to buy bullshit they don't need... And after they made a stupid purchase, they blame the company who sells the things...

hesido1294d ago

Well, if Sony lets users at least set wallpapers, there wouldn't be as much blaming. The fact that they don't even let people set backgrounds create opportunities for low quality "theme" work for so called devs who are able to sell these stuff on a curated platform.

iiorestesii1294d ago

You own an element school?

BallsEye1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

This always sucked. Microsoft moved on and you get amazing backgrounds from game achievements or you can set your own background from screenshot/usb/one drive. Not only that but can make your own color themes with customizable transparency. WHy sony still trying to sell those? What the F with the frog???

didn't launch my ps4 for so long I forgot how outdated that dashboard looks. Some re-designing wouldn't hurt.

NerdStalker1294d ago

Who cares about customizable backgrounds are you seriously telling me you xbox one is better because of that?

3-4-51294d ago

3DS as $1.99 Background / Themes, but they incorporate the entire theme into the folders and everything.

Still haven't bought any, but at least they give it an entire different feel.

PS4 gamers ? There are better ones right ?

Those aren't all the choices are they ?

Those look like the kid in 4th grade who can "kind of draw" drew them.

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Nyxus1294d ago

They are too ugly to be used for free even. :P

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PANDAB1294d ago

This is getting ridiculous. Sony better announce the ability to put our own background at E3 or I'll be mighty upset.

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