How to pick the right hero in Heroes of the Storm, Dota 2, and League of Legends

GamesBeat's Suriel Vazquez writes: "One of the most difficult things about multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) is learning the nuances. Learning a new game’s jargon and idiosyncrasies can bog down even the most hardened veterans; if you go into League of Legends from Dota 2 and expect “stack camps” and “pull creeps” for your “ADC“, for example, you’ll be disappointed (and have your streams crossed).

We’re here to help."

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ColManischewitz1293d ago

A helpful guide -- lots of info to help newbies learn.

Big_Game_Hunters1293d ago

Counter pick, counterpick, counterpick.
Besides the basics of making sure all roles are filled. The three most important things are; picking characters that combo well together, Having a good balance of utility and damage characters, and counterpicking. At least thats how it is for DOTA 2.

OpieWinston1293d ago

Either go with Smite or Heroes... Last Hitting is such an awful mechanic in MOBAs... It destroys game flow, and creates these stupidly long farm periods in each match.