Critically Acclaimed Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Rated for PS4/Xbox One

Did someone say remaster? The new gen consoles have played host to their fair share of remasters and it looks like they'll be adding another to the pile.

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Palitera1143d ago

Why critically acclaimed or why remastered?

Both very justified questions.

chrish19901143d ago

Why critically acclaimed? - The gaming press and their critical reviews of the game, most giving it a very high score.

Why remastered? - Money.

_-EDMIX-_1143d ago

Guess your new to business.....

INTOmyMOUTH1143d ago

Any game that let's you control two young boys with analog sticks is good by me. Next generation Stick fiddling.

WeAreLegion1143d ago

Do not diddle kids! It's no good...diddling kids.

Immorals1143d ago

You should consider a career at the BBC

Perjoss1143d ago

^internet comment of the day^

TheCommentator1143d ago

To recap, your name is intomymouth, and you enjoy stick fiddling to control two young boys. Normally this is where I'd say "no comment" but it's too late...

nicksetzer11143d ago

I'll buy it, never di get to play the original and it looks awesome.

RosweeSon1143d ago

Literally just started my free ps+ copy this evening, pretty enjoyable so far.

camel_toad1143d ago

I really liked it even though some didnt. I thought it was very unique and had some great storytelling.

Conzul1143d ago

I MIGHT get it. I started on PS3 but the frame-rate was a little off-putting and frankly there were many other games so I missed out.

Morgue1143d ago

Loved this game and kinda got misty eyed.

BenRage31142d ago

Wonderful game, and I too got misty eyed at one point. One of my top 5 indie games of last gen.

cfc831143d ago

One of my fav games ever. I'll get it again.

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The story is too old to be commented.