Rumour: AMD Fiji Models Revealed - Will Come With Both 4GB & 8GB, Cheapest Model At $599

DSOGaming writes: "There is no doubt that NVIDIA’s GTX 980Ti is an amazing card. Priced at $649, the NVIDIA GTX980 Ti is a great GPU, however most gamers are looking forward to AMD’s new Fiji cards. And according to a recent leak, the cheapest model of AMD’s Fiji cards will be priced lower than the GTX 980Ti."

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T900931d ago

If you can afford 500+ usd for a gpu then it really doesnt matter if its 50usd +-. What does matter is the driver support.

Personally i think Amd has really been lacking on the drivers.

dcbronco930d ago

The tech sites like Anandtech have had really good things to say about AMDs DX12 drivers.

neoandrew930d ago

Because dx12 removes some abstractions layers, so there isn't really anything left to broke by amd, dx12 takes the control back to software developers, not driver optimization.

But the end result is the same, great performance in dx12.

mikeslemonade930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

Fiji is a stupid name. It already sounds old when you call it Fiji.

Volkama930d ago

It won't be called Fiji.

kingduqc930d ago

What issues you had with amd's drivers? Single GPU is flawless. Their crossfire support is preaty much on par with sli beside having to wait 7-10 days after release for game support.

Most features that nvidia has is there too, they have better multi monitor support. That's all comming from a compagny with 22.5% market share. I'd say they are in preaty good shape.

Captain_TomAN94930d ago

I really do wonder when people will stop perpetuating this outdated myth. AMD has had as good or better drivers than Nvidia for the past 5 years.

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Pandamobile931d ago

I like that the competition is really heating up right now between high-end GPU releases.

AMD better have something really, really good in store for us if they want to compete with the 980Ti.

starchild930d ago

Yeah, competition is a great thing. The GTX 980Ti looks like a fantastic card. It's giving me the upgrade itch.

hiredhelp931d ago

HBM and DX12 PC Gaming getting some love.

crazychris4124930d ago

HBM is the way of the future. Nvidia has their HBM cards coming next year too. This is exactly why Im waiting till black friday 2016 for my next build so I can see what they both have to offer while also getting some sweet deals. They are saying they could push the bandwidth to 1 TB/s, Titan X is only 336 GB/s. 4k60fps could be very easy to achieve with HBM. Then you add in games built from the ground up with DX 12 we could see some crazy stuff on PC, not only in graphics but in physics too.

Takwin930d ago

If you already have a 780ti or 290x, there is no reason to buy cards until next summer when its HBM and 6GB. You will have a true 4K 60 fps ultra card then.

I'm happy with ultra 50-60 fps at 1600p until then. It's 3-4 as many pixels and almost twice the frame rate of any console game, plus higher textures, shadows, and the like.

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The story is too old to be commented.