Armature planning on building the Wii U version of Bloodstained with Unreal Engine 4

NE '' Back when Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was announced, it was mentioned that the team plans on making the game with Unreal Engine 4. Interestingly, that isn’t changing with the Wii U version.''

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NovusTerminus965d ago (Edited 965d ago )

Bloodstained is coming to the Wii U, it his the stretch goal.

And Bloodstained already runs on the UE4.

EDIT: I leave my post here, But I misread the article, and I think Angainor may have as well. I thought they mentioned "Amateur" studio, forgot the team for this game was "Armature"

PLASTICA-MAN965d ago (Edited 965d ago )

Surely the custom version of UE4 they managed to get working on Wii U The Epic Devs talked about, because UE4 doesn't support Wii U officially. They even managed to make it work on PS Vita.

MasterCornholio965d ago

Didn't they say that the Wii U couldn't handle the engine?

If I remember correctly epic made fun of the system when they were asked that question.

Anyways I think its good news that the Wii U can handle UE4.

NovusTerminus965d ago

What will likely happen is it will not be using the more advance features, such as DGI (Dynamic Global Illumination) and PBR (Physically Based Rendering) those are what help the UE4 look so good, but in a game like Bloodstained, they likely would not be needed, so by getting rid of those, it can run on more or less any system.

N4g_null965d ago

reallyman? the wiiu supports physical based shaders and dgi are booth in unity3d 5. the only thing not supported is vertex, or hardware only, or siliconbased shaders.

BlackWolf965d ago (Edited 965d ago )

Well, they also rectified their statement a few days after that...

It may not look as pretty as it may be on more powerful consoles, but UE4 can be ported to Wii U, indeed. It just needs dedication, something I'm sure Armature has in excess.

yewles1965d ago


By that sense, you could say the same about the Vita...

MasterCornholio965d ago

Oh I see so the Wii U is using the mobile version of UE4.

Thanks for clearing that up it all makes sense now.

Neonridr965d ago

@Master - nobody said it's using the mobile version of UE4, where did you get that from?

UE4 will work on the Wii U, but there aren't dedicated up and running toolsets for the engine like there is for all the other major consoles. A developer would have to take the code and modify it to tailor fit the Wii U.

WPX965d ago

I thought they would port it to Unreal Engine 3.9 since it was supported as far as I know.
Interesting to see how this plays out.
Here's hoping they have good results.

deathtok965d ago

This isn't exactly breaking news... it was directly commented on by Armature when the stretch goal was announced.

Neonridr965d ago

yes but not everyone here is backing/following this game.

deathtok965d ago

Great so they don't care about the non-news article either...

wonderfulmonkeyman965d ago

I seem to remember certain users here saying all sorts of rotten things, including calling others liars and to "stop drinking the Nintendo koolaid", whenever it was mentioned that the Wii U could run this.

Enjoying that crow, boys?:P

Anyways, I just hope Armature does its best with it.
If they have to switch to an engine that is already better known, by them, to run on the Wii U, though, I won't mind, since it sounds as though Unreal 4 is largely untested on Wii U as far as just how much of the engine's potential the system can draw on.
I expect not all of it, but I trust Armature to use it in the best way possible.

R00bot965d ago

The main problem would be that PowerPC architecture, I expect that Unreal 4 was designed with something more similar to the PS4 and Xbox One in mind. It should be possible for the devs to work around that by tweaking the engine, though.
Good luck to them, I can't wait to see the Wii U version in action.

wonderfulmonkeyman965d ago

Yeah, that was my thought, too.
It's well documented by now that the Wii U's strength has never been heavily in graphics, so it'll be interesting to see just how much of the Unreal Engine 4's potential Armature can draw out.

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