XCOM 2 Gets More Screenshots and Artwork: Show Soldier, City, XCOM’s Base and Drop Ship

If you want to see more of the newly announced XCOM 2, 2K released another batch of screenshots and artwork, alongside a few bits of additional info.

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Crimzon1289d ago

I know that the last XCOM game was good, as was its expansion, but the screenshots for XCOM 2 really have me wishing that the game had better graphics. It's not much of a complaint because I value gameplay over graphics, but the art style they've chosen seems quite bland and generic. It's a shame they couldn't come up with a more distinct visual style for the game, I think.

freshslicepizza1289d ago

the screenshot with the guy holding the gun looks fine to me.

Angainor71289d ago

^^^^ all the above that the friend mentioned + do you really believe that this game wont be coming to consoles eventually? Come on...

lemoncake1289d ago

It will come to console and even mobile at some point, big question really is when.

ceballos77mx1289d ago

Hopefully the lack of any announcement for console versions doesn't mean it's exclusive to any console.