The Splatoon Straw That Broke Amiibo’s Back

Jim Sterling:

Amiibo can go take a running jump at this point. After the abysmal mess that was Wave 4’s launch, and the continued benefit to scumbags that these things provide, I’m done.

Splatoon was the final straw – a great game in its own right, with amiibo functionality that genuinely justifies the “glorified DLC” accusations I’ve defended amiibo from in the past. It’s kind of worse though – because it’s DLC for only a lucky few.

And I want my power armor, damn it!

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wonderfulmonkeyman1293d ago

It's like I said in a past post: people's issue with Amiibo isn't that it's DLC, it's the difficulty finding the ones they want.XD

If stores were flooded with them, I guarantee you that there would be far fewer articles like this.

freshslicepizza1292d ago

they are creating hype by limiting demand. it's the old playbook by nintendo who keep proving how incompetent they are.

3-4-51292d ago

Amiibos matter like 5%, but people are acting like they are 80% of these games.

* You don't NEED Amiibos.

Stop getting mad at Nintendo because you don't have any self control.

paradigmfellow1292d ago

You underestimate the power of human stupidity.

General Shrooms1292d ago

what does "need" have to do with anything?

Dan_scruggs1292d ago

Oh boo hoo. Walk to the store on release day. That's what I did and got all three. If your gonna screw around and use your fat fingers to flip through amazon when you feel like it then price gouging is what your gonna get. If your know they are gonna sell out and you wait around like an idiot then complaining on the internet is all your gonna have left.

KimikoGaming1292d ago

Yeah. Tell that to someone who went literally everywhere they could as soon as they got off work when preorders opened up only to find that every single one was sold out of preorders within 30 minutes of opening up, then on release date waited outside target hours before they opened, only to find that they didn't even get all of the amiibos due to supply issues, then immediately going and waiting for 45 minutes for best buy to open, having the same exact problem, then going and waiting for 45 minutes for gamestop to open, once again having the same exact problem.

Ultimately, I had to resort to camping on amazon, refreshing the page every 1-2 seconds for 30 minutes waiting for the "order now" button to appear for 4 different amiibo I wanted. And even then, the order now button NEVER appeared.

Amiibo's supply is a HUGE problem, and it isn't that people are lazy. It's that there is significantly more demand than there is supply.

Nodoze1292d ago

Supply is an issue for sure, but your story lacks credibility. My son and I have secured what we wanted by getting to the respective stores on launch day. Would be nice if we could just browse and buy, but Nintendo is keeping supply very low.

I will say that retailer exclusives need to stop. It makes getting something hard to obtain even that much harder to obtain.

KimikoGaming1292d ago

The amiibos I wanted most were the ones that the stores didn't have at all. Target had charizard, jigglypuff, inklings, silver mario, pacman all in decent numbers. We were able to secure the splatoon triple pack.

But the amiibos I wanted the most: Lucina and Robin, didn't even arrive at any of the stores I checked.

Pookandpie1292d ago

Y'know, I went to Gamestop to preorder wave 4 back when they opened it at 3PM, was second in line and I didn't get jack. Why? Because the computer systems went down at every Gamestop across the US.

I wanted Ness, Lucina and Robin. My wife wanted Charizard and Pacman, so I was going to try and pick up each one.

After standing there, inconvenienced in the middle of the day for over an hour and a half, I only got Charizard and Pacman. So my wife was happy, and I was moderately annoyed since I stood there after having left work early... for what?

This whole situation is a cluster f***, and everyone knows it but it's not getting better. "You should take the day off work on release day and hop around different stores" is a ludicrous fix for what shouldn't even be a problem, and if you don't realize that, I don't know what to say.

hellothere19771292d ago

You speak as if you're entitled to have this just because you want it.

For whatever reason, Nintendo only makes a certain amount of these. Whatever that reason is, it's their right to do so. And thus, the quantity supplied is fixed. If you really want and think you deserve one of a limited number of said item, you need to do what you need to do to procure one.

Dan_scruggs1292d ago

"After standing there, inconvenienced in the middle of the day"
"I was moderately annoyed"

Oh cry me a river. Jesus Christ.

Funny enough I went after work in Los Angles and got Charazard, Robin, Metal Mario, Splatoon three pack, and Wario. So don't whine to me about not being able to find them just because you were too impatient. If you want them go look for them. If you get fed and stop. More for me. Although what I really suggest is you go get medication for your apparent ADHD.

Pookandpie1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )


If you think this is about entitlement, then you'll want to set aside your preconceived notions and look at the situation objectively.

Nintendo obviously wants to supply more of these items- if not, they wouldn't have issued a statement apologizing to consumers, promising to do better and then doing re-runs of out of stock figures.

Stating that the situation is a clusterf*** and that it still needs improvement isn't entitlement, it's the truth (note: Nintendo's promise to do better came out the beginning of May, meaning it likely had no impact on this shipment which is usually made months in advance). Nintendo, themselves, have stated that this situation needs improvement- this isn't about who is and is not deserving. It's about Nintendo missing out on money by handling a simple situation very poorly. People shouldn't *have* to stand inside a store for 2 hours to get a preorder and then still not get a preorder. Period, end of story.


Not everyone lives in Los Angeles and is able to find everything. Certainly if I lived in New York and visited Nintendo World every so often, I'd be able to find whatever I'd wish. Blaming being impatient, having ADHD and any other ad hominem I may have missed is, well, completely irrelevant given that the situation described was a visit Gamestop for a preorder on these amiibo, stood there for 1.5 hours trying to get the ones I wanted to preorder and then by the time their computer systems came back up, the ones I wished to get were out and I could only procure Charizard and Pac Man.

You should see a therapist about your incredibly aggressive behavior, of course. I'll speak with you further when you learn how to properly communicate with another human being.