Top 10 Vehicles in Grand Theft Auto

Everyone has a favorite vehicle in GTA, whether it's a car, plane or boat — or tank. In their latest Top 10, GamerU ranks their favorite vehicles to get around the various cities in the Grand Theft Auto universe. Did your favorites made their list?

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smolinsk1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

GTA 5 online is just boring as hell....

RealFry1293d ago

I thought that too for sometime, but the heists have really brought me into it again, before that the learning curve alone and the grinding was enough to ignore the online. Im still fairly new to the online and slowly taking my time with it it's ok so far, the only bad thing about heists is that they are abit too inconsistent for my liking, sometimes takes 30min or more to get a hosted match started. And usually because of someone leaving at the last minute.

ironcrow23861293d ago

the kraken?? it was freakin horrible to control n ya cud barely see out of it in 1st person view

WizzroSupreme1293d ago

I just love getting my hands on GTA V's ATV.

Master of Unlocking1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

They forgot to mention the following vehicles (PS3 version):

-Hydra jet: true, it's the most expensive vehicle in the game, sitting at 3 million $, but it's worth it, with its explosive rounds and missiles, you'll also travel much faster than in a helicopter while still being able to do VTOL like a heli. It's only for one player though.

-Insurgent (not pick-up version!): this truck is a friggin monster, capable to take up to 3 grenades before exploding, it can house 6 people in what is essentially a tank with no cannon, but capable of travelling much, much faster than the Rhino, it is so strongly built you can actually kill other players while they're in their cars if you ram into them sufficiently fast, and you can store it in your garage, unlike the pickup version.

-Adder: one of the priciest cars in the game, but peanuts compared to its real-life equivalent, the Adder, when fully modded, can achieve the best top speed of all cars, yes, even better than the Zentorno, at the expense of an acceleration that remains slightly in the shadow of the Zentorno's. It offers almost no visual upgrade when modded, though, but it holds pretty well to the tarmac even at high speed and in curves.

-Rat-loader: sitting at only 6000$, this-apparently-wreck-on-wheel s of a car can provide you with a cheap and heavily moddable hot rod which always looks cool in your garage and sounds great on the road. Unfortunately the downside is that it's a bit difficult to keep on tracks, especially while braking. Beware not to buy the other, newer version though, as it cannot be modded to the fullest extent.

-Slamvan: for exactly the same reasons, minus the options to mod it visually, which are almost non existent! :)

-Sanchez: top acceleration and overall good top speed, this lightweight goes pretty much everywhere very easily and as such should be one of your staple, notwithstanding the fact it can be bought for very cheap.

Wish I could recommend the Valkyrie, but sitting at 2,850,000$, it is almost as expensive as the Hydra, but you can't fire any gun-or missiles since it doesn't have any-if you play alone, since only players 2, 3, and 4 can use its weapons. as if it weren't enough, the Valkyrie is also very, very, very fragile, much more so than the Hydra, or any other heli or plane or jet, which is really appalling considering the price of entry.