The Koalition's E3 Predictions – Microsoft Press Conference

The Koalition writes:

"With this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo fast approaching, the time has come for us to make a few predictions about what we expect to see and what we hope will be announced in Los Angeles during the most important time of the year for the video game industry.

Here are some of our predictions for what Microsoft will show during the Xbox E3 2015 Briefing."

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Venomousfatman1294d ago

Microsoft has a lot of potential to have a lot of surprise announcements this year. More so IMO than the other big console makers.

fiveby91294d ago

Managing expectations is the name of the game. Over-hype and lofty expectations can lead to disappointment. I am sure both camps are trying to walk the line of generating buzz but not set themselves up for failure with unreasonable expectations. Hopefully it'll be a good E3 all around.

jb2271294d ago

Maybe if you expect second & third party exclusive stuff, that kind of thing is anyone's guess…but strictly going off of unknown first party dev stuff Sony has more than either. I'd say they may have more surprises than Nintendo but I think they will focus in on their Holiday lineup as there are a good deal of games to cover there, touch on 2016 titles, announce the Gears remaster, & potentially Rare's title. Maybe Twisted Pixel too but going off of the quality of LocoCycle I'm not sure why anyone would care…have they released a great game in the past that has people checking on them? Most looking forward to Rise & Halo footage myself, those should be pretty great.

wegetsignalx1286d ago

Surprise announcements like what?

gangsta_red1286d ago

It wouldn't be a surprise if we knew now would it?

MoreGravyPleez1294d ago

I think MS will have the most substantial conference for this E3. Sony is lacking in the games department as far as we know (unless they are keeping some things under wraps). Nintendo already said no Zelda and no NX talk this year so I'm not sure what else they have that anyone would really be excited for besides Starfox.

guyman1294d ago

"Sony is lacking in the games department as far as we know"

So is Microsoft.

wegetsignalx1286d ago

Sony has many AAA 1st party games they could announce, they are clearly keeping things under wraps.

Barnaby-Jones1294d ago

I really am excited! I'm mostly anticipating Rare's new game\games. Hopefully they are Conker and Battletoads. Also really want to see Scalebound.

RogueStatus281294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

Someone else might be working on Battletoads, like how Double Helix and later Iron Galaxy handled Killer Instinct.

Rare, however, are working on two games. One of those games is from Gregg Mayles and will be at E3. Here's a timeline of info to give us an idea of what that game may be:

Barnaby-Jones1294d ago

Thanks for this! I'm so hyped right now!

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TRS_Gear1294d ago

"Just speculating, but we haven’t seen an original, current gen Gears of War game for Xbox One yet so maybe along with announcing the HD remaster of Gears of War (which got leaked by testers), we might also see a whole new Gears story coming from Epic."

Someone has no idea what they are talking about.... How can you be involved in Video game journalism and completely miss the acquisition of the Gears IP by Microsoft from Epic.

MoreGravyPleez1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

I stand corrected, but why do people need to be jerks when someone makes a mistake?

Also doesn't change my main point that we may see a new Gears game. So it'll come from MS instead of Epic.

TRS_Gear1294d ago

I apologize if I offended. The internet tends to make people say things that they would never think to say to someones face. Remove the face remove the respect I guess.

Nevertheless, I feel this was a rather enormous story when it happened. Microsoft has confirmed that they have put Black Tusk Studios in charge of developing the "latest Gears installment".

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