German Xbox One Promotion Rewarding High Gamerscores

The German Xbox site is currently running a promotion where fans can get consoles up to 150 € off as long as they meet one requirement: having a high Gamerscore. The way the promotion works is that you request a voucher based on your current Gamerscore. So if you have 150,000 you get 150 € off your console bundle. 20,000 gets you 20 €, etc. The promotion is only available for German Xbox Live accounts and only for console bundles.

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shadowT1291d ago

150€ = up to $163.75 Xbox One discount for your Gamerscore!

spicelicka1291d ago

150,000 is an insane score thought! I've been playing since 2007 and I'm only at 23,000 lol.

Palitera1291d ago

If you check achievements sites, though, you'll notice that a lot of users have around 100k points.

For instance:

dancerOfDeath1291d ago

I've been on Xbox Live since 2001 and my GS is 29,750. I never go out of my way to get achievements though, and I mainly play multiplayer games, so that probably explains it. I think the ppl with massive scores play though all the single player campaigns.

I'm not a completionist, I just like to kill ppl.

700p1291d ago

I had my own xbox since 2009? and I have 56,406 Gamerscore lol

Kingdomcome2471291d ago

@dancerofdeath- If I'm not mistaken, achievements weren't added to Live until the 360 launched. I became an XBL member in Jan, 2014, and my gamerscore is a few hundred points shy of 31,000.

spicelicka1291d ago

I just realized I switch profiles just a few years ago! I'm sure my other profile has wayy more gamerscore, why couldn't they have this deal in North America??!!?

Vermigs1291d ago

On sites like True Achievements and Xbox Achievements, 150k tends to be average, relatively speaking.


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Immorals1291d ago

I'd get 61 euros off, not bad!

Mikefizzled1291d ago

I'd get €122 off. Shame I like in UK...

RosweeSon1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

€187 ;( haha but yeah id defo consider it if they did this deal in the U.K and have no problem buying a bundle as long as it's a good value for money bundle and not just tat they are trying to get rid of. Got my 360 not long after launch (barely a month) retired for now from Microsoft little over a year ago now.

kraenk121291d ago

They are getting really desperate here in Germany as the ratio is 1:4 over here.

Khimarhi1291d ago

Wish they had had this deal in the US when I bought mine.

WizzroSupreme1291d ago

A shame I live in the US, this deal rocks!

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