Rise of the Tomb Raider fans should hope for these features

GotGame writes: Rise of the Tomb Raider could have some pretty rad features.

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4Sh0w1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

If it picks up where the last game left off and gives us a great story with more tombs then I think fans would enjoy that very much.

Kurisu1264d ago


Lara wasn't a Tomb Raider in the last game, she was a young inexperienced woman thrown in the deep end and fighting for her life. I think it did a good job of rebooting the series and I look forward to seeing Lara become the Tomb Raider we all know and love.

TheMutator1264d ago

Im just want the old Lara Croft design again.

badz1491264d ago

they might sell it later as character skin. who knows

Barnaby-Jones1264d ago

Really liked the reboot. As long as the sequel expands on what the first game had, it should be great. Can't wait to enjoy this on day 1!

bananaboats1264d ago

I really hope this series is successful. looking forward to see how they continue her story

dancerOfDeath1264d ago

TBH I want a really well fleshed out multiplayer mode. Now that the game falls under the Microsoft umbrella, I expect them to add a lot of online features. PVP in open snowy spaces with wildlife and hunting/tracking would be epic.

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