Why we're excited to jump out of The Witcher 3 and into Elder Scrolls Online

Death and despair lie within The Witcher 3. It's time to jump into a world of hope for a change.

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jznrpg1020d ago

I cant help myself, I know I shouldn't start an MMO after 6 years of EQ and disappointment from almost every other MMO. But I love Tamriel and I can not help but to play it.

RuleNumber51020d ago

Likewise! Should be a fun one to get into.

morganfell1020d ago

The Examiner stated, "Death and despair lie within The Witcher 3. It's time to jump into a world of hope for a change."

I want to play it too but just remember the last time we were promised hope and change...

Xer0_SiN1020d ago

cant wait for eso. i dont care if it was outsourced and doesnt have that bethesda magic touch.

funeralflames1019d ago

Magic touch, eh? I view it as summoning a handful of 'bugs'

Duke191020d ago

Completely agree with the author. While playing through The Witcher 3 (probably about 50 hours or so - certainly enjoying it), I've realized that it has made me miss Skyrim - and now really can't wait to pickup ESO next week.

kraenk121020d ago

Prepare to be disappointed. Unfortunately TSO is nothing like Skyrim.

Duke191020d ago

Even if it the gameplay isn't similar to Skyrim, Im enough of an MMO junkie where I will probably still enjoy it although I guess time will tell.

LAWSON721020d ago (Edited 1020d ago )

I bet the disagreers have not played it lol and are in denial. I will be getting this but the PC beta has left serious doubt's in my mind. I have a bunch of buddies picking it up and I figured what the hell Ill give it a go. If people expect coop skyrim they are in for a rude awakening.

WizzroSupreme1020d ago

I can't get into the Elder Scrolls Online; I just don't know what it is. I guess I like the character-focused story in The Witcher series a whole lot more.

DougLord1020d ago

ESO is great - the beta gave it a bad rep

1020d ago
mrmonk1020d ago (Edited 1020d ago )

Can't wait for this have had it preordered from last June or should be a laugh with a few friends.I'm planning on being an orc Templar or Dragon knight don't no yet.

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