Three things we’re looking for in Bethesda's DOOM reboot

GameZone: "As quickly as the teaser game, it seems that we’ve all but forgotten about the upcoming DOOM reveal at E3. Considering how many people are hoping for the next entry in the Fallout franchise, it’s not difficult to understand why. With that being said, I can garuantee you that there are those of us out there eagerly looking forward to DOOM."

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I would love to see new Doom in E3

Rimeskeem930d ago

That's basically confirmed. Bethesda is having their own E3 conference which means they will bring Doom, probably Elder Scrolls, and many are hoping for Fallout 4.

Brotard930d ago

you will pretty much guaranteed.

JamesBroski930d ago

Plus they did show gameplay back at Quakecon last year. And they teased the gameplay trailer. So we will see it!!

psplova930d ago

I want to see a an exact replica of the first stage, next gen style..

dcj0524930d ago

That would be super cool. Everything else is new but the very first stage is exactly the same.

MWH930d ago

I agree with all three.

Mr Tretton930d ago

I want it to be like the original games. No Hollywood stuff, no trying to make it 'real', I want a Doom GAME. (plus the Brutal Doom type stuff of course)

thereapersson930d ago

Hell yeah! Just crazy levels, tons of secrets, BRUTAL gameplay, and the best lighting and music use in an FPS. It's time for the FPS KING to reclaim it's throne!

ZoomerXD930d ago

Just make Brutal Doom with modern graphics. That's all it needs to be.

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The story is too old to be commented.