Nintendo NX using Android is a game-changer

GGG discusses how Nintendo potentially using Android in their mysterious NX product could be a good thing for gamers.

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Concertoine1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

This doesn't sound good to me. There's a reason every other Android-based console has flopped.

Zodiac1290d ago

In those situations, the consoles themselves were not very good and it just offered phone games.

I'm not too excited with the prospect of a console being connected with phones and tablets, though.

morganfell1290d ago

About those phone games. Nintendo said that the NX wasn't designed to replace the Wii U.

It's utilizing Android. If it isn't a replacement for the Wii U or 3DS, and it's utilizing Android isn't that heavily indicative the content will be geared toward mobile style titles, i.e. phone games?

People can flip, flop, and fly while defending Nintendo but honestly this is not a good indicator. Its more like, "Nintendo buys Ouya."

On the upside perhaps they already have Konami lined up to produce multiple titles...

ChickeyCantor1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

" There's a reason every other Android-based console has flopped."

Completely irrelevant.

Android is an operating system which you can dismantle and change as you like ( it's open source ) . It means absolutely nothing in the current context.

Beside that, it's Nintendo. They can market the hell out of it unlike the others who have tried.

gprime1290d ago

They can market the hell out of it like they did with the Wii U... oh, wait...

ChickeyCantor1290d ago


I guess financial power means nothing to you then? Don't do business please.

KwietStorm1290d ago

You're indirectly implying because they didn't have Nintendo support.

antias1290d ago

Nintendo Operating systems are based on Unix anyway, not a huge difference from android. Chances are if they do go down this route you might actually see a twitch app etc. Main importance is quality of games and pricing of games, if they get that right it won't matter what OS it's based on.

SIdepocket1289d ago

No, none of Nintendo's OS's are based on Unix/Linux.

3-4-51290d ago

* NX is going to be different than the console or handheld.

They aren't going to mess with their console or dedicated handheld market.

The NX is the 3rd thing which bring in the mobile users.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1290d ago

of course because it probably some stuff someone made up

pcz1289d ago

the only good thing about nintendo using android in NX is that it shows nintendo are still 'with it' in regards to current technology and trends.

maybe the NX is basically a nintendo branded 'gaming focused' phone that can interface with other nintendo systems? if it is, then nokia did that with N-gage, and that was horrible

knowing nintendo they will make a mobile phone that can take game cartridges

iplay1up21289d ago

Sony had a Playstation phone. I doubt any of us are going to give up our IPhones or Galaxys for any Nintendo phone.

If that is what you meant. I probably am misunderstanding you?

Concertoine1289d ago

They call it a dedicated games device, so its not a phone. Also they just confirmed no android OS.

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jhoward5851290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Good read. The part where he says Nintendo would include 8GB of HBM memory to really pack a punch is something I see could happen for real.

I'd say they're likely to go with at least 6gb hbm instead of 8gb simply because android OS isn't so demanding on processing power like other OS.

Also, Nintendo don't normally make their games with heavy deep rich(mature) textures in their games. That said, they won't need the extra memory grunt.

They'll have to play to their strength more by focusing on what they do best, which is game play, and not rely on just visuals alone.

They'll build the NX based on what they can do talent wise.

comebackkid98911290d ago

I'll be content if it's not 4 gamecubes taped together.

jhoward5851290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

4 gamecubes? I highly doubt it too. with 180nm process will make the nx run very hot. Time that by four and you'll have yourself the best cook out grill ever.

Ha, we don't need another george foreman grill.

ABizzel11290d ago

Seriously doubt the 8GB of HBM. Nintendo would kill themselves if they launch a $400 - $500 console.

For console their core audience is 15m tops, and the rest of their sales come from being a kid friendly and affordable. If they drop affordability they've lost 1/3 of their market Day 1, and more than likely 2/3 of their market since parents are less likely to spend $400 - $500 on what they think of as a purely gaming console for their kids (especially when Xbox and PlayStation are more established brands with 3rd parties, and will cost less by 2016).

If Nintendo does anything it be either a mobile device (most likely), a micro console (least likely), or a low power console that rivals PS4/XBO that launches right after the mobile device (highly probable).

My guess is the NX is a Wii U replacement in 2016 - 2017. The 2016 handheld will function as a tablet controller for the 2017 console, however, the handheld will play games like all the other handhelds before it (but it will still be able to stream the console games).

The console will be on par with the PS4/XBO and be the hub for keeping all your games and content, and allow you to stream and transfer games from it to you handheld on the go.


Quad 2.0 GHz Cortex A57 (possibly 2x Quad adding A53)
Adreno 420+ (200 - 300 GFLOPS)
128 - 512MB VRAM

$199 (basically a Galaxy S5 - Galaxy Note 4, but with cheaper materials to get that price down)

AMD's Kaveri successor

Quad-Core / 6-Core CPU (for much better CPU performance)
1.3T - 2T TFLOPS (Quad Core = XBO+, 6 core = PS4+)
4GB System RAM
4GB HBM Graphics RAM
500GB HDD (finally)

$299 - $349 (basically and XBO or PS4 with a much better CPU, which will be needed to stream content to up to 2 or 4 of the handheld devices at the same time, something the Wii U couldn't do). Also comes with an upgraded Tablet controller that doesn't look like a fisher Price toy.

jhoward5851290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

History has shown us time after time Nintendo despise loading time.

They have maintained and stricken their approach to lessen the loading time with just about every gaming console they have ever made, from n64 to the wii U. With this in mind,

I think on their next machine they will try to tighten that up the loading time a bit more as much as they can and push it way beyond the ps4/x1 hardware capability to ensure the loading time are better than MS/sony's current gen console.

I think they will go the way of the neo geo and use hardware competent that can send receive data information in seconds.

In my experience, I noticed on particular hardware competent that always seem to get avoided in every single game console that has ever been made to date; the mother board.

A 2 ply motherboard were used in the 360/ps3 and I think it has made it ways inside current gen console which sucks because the more ply the motherboard has the faster the send and revive data will be between hardware components.

Neo geo had a 4ply MOBO.

Ok, lets get down to the Nitty gritty. The only system I see that seem to work for Nintendo well was the n64 simply because I noticed how things chance for them once they use a system that virtually has no loading time. It's one of the reason I think most people loved Mario 64.

To cut this short, I'm going to say that with flash memory/Fast ram getting getting cheaper and cheaper, they will take a completely different approach this time around.

Gemmol1289d ago

32gig flash memory is way better then HDD, its same reason big downloads are faster on the Wii U, so I am confuse on why you want them to take a step back and get HDD instead of a higher flash memory

ABizzel11289d ago


32GB can't hold more than 3 retail if that at the level of PS4 / XBO, which is why you're forced to used an external if you want to store more games and content.

What's stupid is to expect 32GB to suffice for a device that's suppose to last several years and store all your game content.

Flash memory may be better, and faster, but it's illogical to use that small pool. A 500Gb HDD is the same price as 64GB of flash.

Their choices are 500GB HDD $30 / 1TB HDD $50, a 120GB SSD $60 (FM), or a smaller flash 64GB $30 / 128GB $70 - $80.

That being said once again, Nintendo is hard pressed for a price point that can never extend over $350. SO what's more important, CPU performance, GPU performance, RAM, or Storage Space / Storage speed.

The SSD would be the best option. but again is it worth 1/5 of their entire console budget.

jhoward5851289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

You see,

IGN thinks Nintendo may take a wildly different direction with the NX.
I said the same thing.
Nintendo will take a completely different approach this time around....with the NX.

ABizzel11289d ago

At this point I still think NX is a handheld device (practically a Nintendo tablet). It doesn't make sense for it to be anything else but a tablet or some iteration on that.

It's suppose to bring mobile and Nintendo together, well Smartphones and tablets are the biggest mobile devices, and I just don't see Nintendo making a phone, or it taking off since Apple and Samsung have so much market share across the world.

That being said the tablet market has a little more room to maneuver, and they're bigger than phones which means they can store better hardware (for gaming), better batteries (for gaming on the go), and it's a familiar format and off the shelf parts that both consumers and developers can easily get behind.

A micro console is possible, but it doesn't make sense.

It has to be a 4DS or a tablet.

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Hoffmann1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )


- Michael Pachter

bmwfanatic1290d ago

I hope they get this right and it sales and performs really well. It's better for the gaming industry Nintendo is doing well.

DaGodKing1290d ago

maybe it will dual boot android with the NX true os..

if it runs android they already have the wiiu controller to use the android apps with, unless they are planning to make a new version of the gamepad

Sly-Lupin1290d ago

I think the ideal version of the NX would be a thinner WiiU gamepad w/ higher resolution screen that could stream to a TV.

They could probably produce one fairly cheaply that could play any digital VC or 3DS or aDS games, and the android OS would (theoretically) make it much easier for third parties to port games to it.

So we could see a future where Hearthstone, Baldur's Gate, Knights of the Old Republic, etc. are all on a Nintendo platform.

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