Which PS4 games could be announced at E3?

PS4 Attitude: "In a couple of weeks’ time, the eyes of the gaming world will be on Los Angeles, as E3 2015 kicks off. As always, you can expect a barrage of game announcements, so we thought we’d have a bit of fun, and analyse the chances of ten much-rumoured titles making an appearance."

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stefhutch201240d ago

I can't work out if that's a serious suggestion, but personally I would love that! I still don't understand why the original was received so badly.

uth111240d ago

Semi-serious. But I loved Knack too, and am also perplexed by the hate.

Maybe a sequel will fix whatever perceived shortcomings it has and finally get some respect.

Godmars2901240d ago

Because, by all counts, it was put out incomplete. It was a launch title that needed more production time.

MrSec841240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Japan studio hasn't released an internally developed exclusive since Knack or Puppeteer, both were great IMO, personally I hope they make an announcement at E3, be it a new Knack, Puppeteer for PS4 or a new IP.
There's so much scope for what can be done with Knack, personally I loved the 1st game and would love a sequel.

The guys that made Starhawk (SCE Santa Monica and Lightbox) haven't done anything since that game came out in 2012, by many accounts it was an awesome game, maybe some kind of spiritual successor could be incoming by now.

PS All Stars is another game I suspect will have a new addition made for PS4, there is a new game rumored, similar in play style to Power Stone.
A new game in the Hawk series and a Power Stone could be part of Sony's Fall line-up of releases on PS4, very realistic to expect IMO.

Guerrilla Games has their new IP, that's been in development since 2010.
Bend's game has been in development since like 2011-2012, depending on when they settled on the right concept to follow.

Guerrilla Cambridge could be working on a new Killzone, Mercenary is awesome, alternatively they could even be handling Resistance to give KZ a break.

There's so much potential for new 1st party PS4 games at Sony's event, Andrew House said 2015 will be a period of harvest from 1st party so Sony's conference should be exciting for new announcements!!!

Gamescom and PSX should be a good indication for how the show will be staged and by most accounts those events were the best for games conference last year.
E3 should be an improvement on that formula IMO.

jeremyj29131240d ago

@MrSec84 I will literally be moved to tears if a new Power Stone is announced. The first 2 were my most played Dreamcast games.

MrSec841240d ago

@jeremyj2913: I mistyped, I meant to write that a new Playstation All Stars, with a similar style of play to Power Stone could be announced and that it and something of a spiritual successor to Starhawk/Warhawk could be released this Fall.

A PS All Stars reboot has been rumored to have that kind of gameplay, from Verrendus on Neogaf a while back (2013).

I know what you mean though, think I only had the 1st Power Stone for my Dreamcast, but it was awesome! So much fun!!!
That with Playstation mascots and perhaps some bigger levels on PS4, with slick visuals would be awesome.
I hope it's really happening.
Sony seems to have a really good relationship with Capcom, a collaboration between Santa Monica, Capcom and Bluepoint to make that happen is pretty realistic IMO.

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showtimefolks1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

GT 7 or a reboot of GT

New game from heavy rain studio(QD)

New game from guerrilla games

Possibly sly cooper

Guerrilla Cambridge

Sony Japan

Possible showing oF the last guardian

Call for duty exclusive deal

MGS 5 demo

No man sky

God of war 4 tease trailer you close out

Uncharted 4 demo

Uncharted trilogy

Fallout 4 exclusive dlc first on ps4

Skyrim on ps4

Red dead redemption

The reason I think E3 will be huge and sony won't hold back because this year they don't have a conference at gamescom. So we could see sony show a lot of stuff

And whatever is left will be shown at PSX

scark921240d ago

Yes to all of them, except for Skyrim imo, I would rather Oblivion or Morrowind.

Pastorfuzz1240d ago

God of War re-mastered collection, Uncharted re-mastered collection for sur.

spacedelete1240d ago

Uncharted 2 or a Uncharted 3 remaster. i can't see them giving a trilogy as they didn't do it for God Of War and just remastered God Of War 3 only. people can doubt me but other than Halo which was 4 games not 3 there hasn't been a single trilogy remaster this gen. even remasters that should have had trilogy remasters like Borderlands only got two games. at best they will remaster Uncharted 2 and 3 then later remaster Uncharted 1 sort of like what Take 2 are doing with Borderlands. this is to milk the franchise for all its worth. people can disagree but you can quote me on this. E3 is 2 weeks away so we will find out soon enough.

stefhutch201240d ago

To be fair, you make a pretty good point. It would have at least been nice for God of War: Ascension to be included with the GOW3 remaster, but never mind.

Personally, I'd be happy with just Uncharted 1 and 2. For some reason, I didn't enjoy the third game anywhere near as much.

rainzor1240d ago

If they were to announce a remastered. I wish its Kingdom Hearts 2.5, along with a new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer, to hype fans

wakeNbake1240d ago

I hope they come out with the trilogy as I never got to play the franchise, but am excited for UC4.

rainzor1240d ago

Hoping Last Gaurdian will finally be announced. Also new God Of War, Resistance and new Ip's

MrBigShot0071240d ago

Hopefully we'll see some God of War footage and maybe an announcement of guerilla games about their new project.

SoapShoes1240d ago

I really hope so. Project Cars isn't even as good as GT6. I am enjoying it though but needs better physics and more cars!

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