GTA IV Car Named After Game Violence Researcher


"A hybrid car available for jacking in GTA IV is named after a well-known game violence researcher, Dr. Karen Dill of North Carolina's Lenoir-Rhyne College."

The "Karin Dilettante" is a sporty hybrid sedan that appears in Grand Theft Auto IV, the latest installment in the famously violent and sexualized series of video games. "Chicks love electronic gadgets" is the slogan in fake ads for the car.

Ms. Dill says she couldn't believe that Rockstar Games, the maker of Grand Theft Auto, had taken the trouble to name a car for her: "I was kind of like, whoa, they actually do care about video-game research."

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Dpa3801d ago

Could of just been a coincidence.

MikeD1593801d ago

probably not rock* does things like this on purpose.

moja3801d ago

A seeming outreach with an underlying irony.

blu3print3801d ago

Karin in the game is a actually a car Company (Toyota) as also there are 3 other Karin cars in the game, 80's Corolla, Altezza and another one I cant remember and all are sporty models