Microsoft E3 2015 Preview: Halo 5 Footage, Gears of War Remastered, No Silent Hills and More

E3 2015 is roughly two weeks, especially when you take into account the fact that Bethesda will be holding its first E3 press event ever on June 14th.

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wakeNbake1055d ago

Silent Hills woud be insane although Im not sure I would be interested unless MS managed to get Del Toro and Kojima as well.

madmonkey011055d ago

phil spencer already confired the silent hills rumours were BS.

freshslicepizza1055d ago

the meltdowns would be worth it alone if they announced the new silent hills and got the same people involved with the pt demo and made it exclusive to the pc and xbox one.

this year hopefully will be good from all parties involved. it's been quite lackluster for a few years now

RiseofScorpio1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

They also said Xbox would never ever come without Kinect. He was also making it seems like Gears would never return, then BAM buys the I.p.

mikeslemonade1055d ago

I recant my statement that MS will win E3 if the meat of the show is about Gears, Halo, and Tomb Raider. Those games just cater to the MS crowd and the last tomb raider was underwhelming. Uncharted 4 will blow it out of the water easily. The main reason why MS will lose in this formula is because we already seen too much of these games. The Sony games remain more of a mystery.

Svinya1055d ago

Moldybread - I agree. The crying from sony fans would be worth it alone. I hope MS think about that and make it happen.

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Mikefizzled1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

Lets face it, I doubt Kojima wants to work with Microsoft. The only time they have been seen together is the E3 announcements of Metal Gear Rising. The game that didn't ship on 360 in Japan.

@MELMAN26 I completely forgot. I was that interested in the Phantom Pain demo I forgot he came out to introduced it. Besides these marketing pushes by Microsoft he doesn't care much for Xbox.

CYCLEGAMER1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

LOL...he was on stage with MS during E3 2013, with the world premier of the new metal gear. Its debut was on the MS stage.

Septic1055d ago

"Besides these marketing pushes by Microsoft he doesn't care much for Xbox."

And how do you know this?

mhunterjr1055d ago

This Hunt The Truth campaign has gotten me really excited for Halo 5.
The Lore at this point is brimming with possibilities with the number of interconnected factions at play...

Hopefully, 343i can finally figure out how to tell the story within the game itself, instead of having gamers rely on the extended media.

spicelicka1055d ago

This whole Masterchief massacring the assembly and kidnapping the political leader got me super interested!!

christocolus1055d ago

have you listened to the latest episode? it seems they want to get rid of all spartan iv. The hunt the truth campaign is gradually building up the story to Halo 5.

mhunterjr1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

Check the latest episode... It blows the lid off of the 'massacre' story, adds another layer to the already deliciously complex postwar tensions...I love it!

spicelicka1055d ago

^Yess I just heard it! Thing are coming together now, but holy crap it's interesting.

dancerOfDeath1055d ago

Halo and Motorsport 6 are the big games I'm looking out for. Dying to see and hear tons of details on them both. Really want to see some Big Team Battle in action.

Really hoping for some exciting new reveals too. Want to see Scalebound and Crackdown. Want to see what Rare is doing. I want fkn Mechassault. Also, more of Gigantic and a beta would be cool.

spicelicka1055d ago

Same, and Gear of war 4. If they show that I'm done living.

CYCLEGAMER1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

I wonder how MS is going to fit all of this into their E3

Halo 5 gameplay
TR gameplay
Forza 6 Gameplay
Gears reveal
Fable Legends gameplay
Joe Montana Football
Quantum Break
Killer Instinct

And all of he other sh*t we don't know about.

mhunterjr1055d ago

It would be easy if they didn't waste time on those 3rd party titles that we can expect annually...

etownone1055d ago

Gears of War!!!
Remastered and some footage of Gears 4

super_bruno1055d ago

I don't think will see Gears 4 footage at least not in-game, game is probably set for Holiday 2016.

RedCloud881055d ago

The thing I'm most excited for is figuring out what game that one leak was referring to. The third party exclusive that supposedly changes the console war. What third party title could that possibly be?

Silent hill isn't big enough. Plus phil denied it, although that could simply be trying to keep the surprise for e3. Doubt it's happening anyway.

They could flex their cash muscle and buy Konami altogether, or at least their major ip's. That would be quite the steal, but honestly I don't see metal gear, pes and silent hill being worth it anyway.

A capcom title makes sense with the relationship they have with microsoft, maybe Res Evil 7 as a total exclusive. Possible but is that really change the console war big? Especially after 6 bombed.

Gta 6 would be change the console war big, but does anyone really see a new gta coming anytime soon? Rockstar takes years between those.

Guess they could've renegotiated for complete exclusivity of Rise of the Tomb Raider, but even that wouldn't change the console war.

Logically, the only game I could see being this huge war changing title is Minecraft 2. And I say that as someone who doesnt play Minecraft at all. But theres no denying its success. They'll probably show a better looking Minecraft with more ways to create and full cross compatibility with windows 10.

Damn, totwlly went from excited as hell to ugh it's probably minecraft just writing this comment.

madmonkey011055d ago

the kids would go wild for minecraft 2.

Gilgamesh151055d ago

Unless its a permanent exclusive I don't get that excited. A timed exclusive just seems like something that is good for MS, and really benefits us fans very little. I am a huge X1 fan, but timed exclusives kind of piss me off.

RedCloud881055d ago

Totally agree. Personally I think the only exclusives should be titles developed in house for a specific console. Third party exclusives should just stop being a thing.

jb2271055d ago

Was the third party leak you're referring to a rumor or has it been confirmed or alluded to by anyone at MS? We know the penchant for hyperbole some of these leakers have, it's typically not nearly as big a deal as they claim or its completely fabricated.

Kingdomcome2471055d ago

Do you have an article link for that leak? I don't remember reading about that. If true, I wonder what it could be.

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