Kill-zone: should you buy Hatred?

It’s here and it’s sick. Should you buy Hatred? Should it even exist?

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Splatoon1263d ago

Ignore the shallow gameplay experience and put all focus on the controversy surrounding it. Congratulations gaming media, you have done more to sell this game than an advertising team ever could.

ArchangelMike1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

I absolutely loved Manhunt, it was one of my all time favourite games on PS2 (I'd pay silly money for a Manhunt HD remake anyday!!!). So, I'm into my violent games, lets establish that.

But comparing Manhunt to Hatred, as an example, there's alot left to be desired from Hatred. Forget the ultra violence for a moment, and lets talk gameplay design, level design, game mechanics, character design, story, pacing, etc etc. All those elements that make a great fun video game... all those elements that make games like Manhunt and GTA great video game experiences... and I have to say Hatred lacks in nearly every single department.

Here is the litmus test for me - if Hatred had no ultra violence but was just about shooting cops, would it stand as a great game... even a good indie game? I don't think it would. I don't think it would have been on the radar as it is now.

My conclusion therefore? It's easy to completely ignore all the things that make a great game - character development, level design, gameplay mechanics, story, pacing etc etc, and simply build a game based on hype and sensationalism.

In this case I think the devs unfortunately went for the cheap and easy option.