The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt next batch of DLC outlined

LGN "CD Projekt RED has announced the next batch of free DLC for The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. This week’s duo content consists of a sweet-looking Nilfgaridian Armor set and Elite cross bow set for the legendary monster slayer Geralt of Riva a.k.a The White Wolf."

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noxeven1025d ago

They need to add a glamour option because I'm set on my armor now.

MrBigShot0071025d ago

I hope it's released soon, I'm stuck on that Novigrad glitch in the sewer. Game won't let me interact with the brick lever to open up the passageway and it's annoying to not be able to advance in the game.

GearSkiN1025d ago

Just load previous save

MrBigShot0071025d ago

I've done that, doesn't work.

raWfodog1025d ago

Then you want the patch, not the DLC.

PANDAB1025d ago

That sucks man but hang in there, the 1.04 Patch should be out soon

1025d ago
ArcticWolfUK1025d ago

swear there was something else in that or another room that moved the brick

Clown_Syndr0me1025d ago

This probably wont work at all, but try extinguishing the torch on the other wall first.
I had the same glitch and reloaded my save, the only thing I did differently was extiguishing that torch, but I expect its just a coincidence.

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Tetsujin1025d ago

I don't want to be "that guy" however I'd rather them actually fix the game before releasing new content. Granted I did read 1.04 is on the way for consoles I still want a working game before going after new content.

Aggesan1025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )

There is no rather. They have separate teams working on this. Not like designers and artists are gonna help with fixing bugs.

Taero1025d ago

Hi that guy, the DLC development team and the patch development team are most likely independent of each other, cancelling the planned DLC won't have an impact on the speed at which bugs are fixed (excepting if the DLC causes bugs).

RedSoakedSponge1024d ago

why do people still think that the people who make the content are the same people who fix bugs? youd think it would be common knowledge now that their are a lot of people who specialise in different areas in game design.

MrBigShot0071025d ago

Oops, I mixed up this Witcher article with the other one talking about the patch :(

darkmirror1025d ago

And now people are disagreeing both your comments. Gamers make me facepalm sometimes.

Stapleface1025d ago

I had a relic crossbow in my inventory and didn't even realize until I was selling somethings. I thought "Hello, where did you come from?" It's called Death From Above. So my question would be, are the elite crossbows better than relic class crossbows or is it just a name? That armor looks pretty sweet. Might get it if the stats are good.

GusBricker1025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )

We'll have to wait and see, but I'm betting the Witcher crossbows are better than all of them.

I have the feline one.

Stapleface1025d ago

I need to go after that stuff. Have some witcher gear, but the relic gear I have is better.

morganfell1025d ago

Witcher Gear can be improved.

buttclown1025d ago

I have the maxed feline witcher gear and its good. The feline crossbow in that set is better than the death from above crossbow, and you got it from completing a quest I believe.

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