Opinion: "Why should games demand my attention for their dull credits?"

Ben Griffin:"As I understand it, video games don’t just sprout out of the ground like potatoes. They’re the products of creators. Creators who play god. And just like God, vengeful and strong, they demand attention. The thing is, often I don’t feel like giving it to them. Why? Because acknowledging things sucks. The game’s complexity doesn’t matter – whether it’s a three-person project or the result of a global team working with such miraculous co-ordination it would make the Pyramids of Giza look like a rushed school project – if the start or end credits are boring, I’ll try to skip them. My solution: better credits."

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Nyxus1212d ago

Some credits also take way too long, especially Assassin's Creed is guilty of this, they easily take about 30 minutes.