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Septic962d ago (Edited 962d ago )

That l!

CYCLEGAMER962d ago I cannot watch with sound right now but I cursed when I saw

MrSwankSinatra962d ago

The only character I want to see in action is Tremor.

jannytime962d ago

Why is she only fighting against females in this trailer ?

zeal0us962d ago

Because the misogynist sexist pig over NetherRealm Studios think a woman can't take hit from a man.
#feminism #feministfrequentlycomplaining #sarcasm

abstractel962d ago

They release the new characters way too infrequently. By the time Predator is out I'll have been playing Batman for a while. I was under the impression we'd see Barracka, Rain and others from the Story mode at some point too. Disappointed with the release schedule.

BigBosss962d ago

Can't wait to play as her, already purchased the kombat pack :D

spacedelete962d ago

people actually play Mortal Kombat other than blood and gore ? you learn something everyday.

pompombrum962d ago

Well with that level of ignorance, it's not surprising you're learning something everyday.

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The story is too old to be commented.