Rumours of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated… Again

Kyle from The Vita Lounge tackles "The Legacy Console Debacle", taking the problem a step further with a look at the state of the Vita.

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Splatoon1264d ago

The last Sony handheld I will ever buy. Despite what the idiots say, It had games. But when those games are coming out six or seven months apart...

nodim1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Haha, I'm sorry, it's just that your pic and nickname are almost physically forcing me to remember that old joke of "but it's okay when nintendo does it!"

Splatoon1264d ago

The 3DS gets new games constantly. It's ok when Nintendo do it because Sony isn't. Love the amount of butt hurt fools on this site. Lol.

nodim1264d ago

@Splatoon You... almost got the point. Almost.

XisThatKid1264d ago

it's funny when fanboys try to act like real boys. They get on talking about "honest" stuff then someone says ANYTHING about their subject of choice then they just get flat out offended and tear your head off. This is covert trolling.

3-4-51264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

The games it has are too narrow in focus.

Vita doesn't have the type of RPG's people wanted to play.

They just wanted traditional turn based RPG's like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest,Legend of Heroes..stuff like that.

What we got was a bunch of half naked 13 year olds summoning demons and spirits with huge boobs.

So yea MOST people don't want to play those games and the FACTS of the sales back that up.

The Vita is an awesome system but the game choice is really lacking in variety and types of games within each genre.

No sports games, no wrestling, no good action RPGs outside of monster hunting games, hardly any turn based stratey tactics games like FFTactics, not many 3D platformers either...

It was a bunch of games that catered to the 10% of gamers that like that stuff.

They all bought it all up, but yea 10% of your fanbase can't sustain a dedicated handheld for years at a time.

* Too many borderline pervy games that just don't appeal to the vast Majority of people.

The Problem is the Sony Fanboys who don't want to hear any of that, so they just downvote and deny until the next half naked anime rpg is released.

* Too many of the same type of game is Vita's downfall.

I blame it on poor leadership, and a lack of faith by other dev's.

Whoever designed the system did a great job, but many people failed to utilize it properly.

The Vita is fine....the games are lacking for the most part.

There are some good games, but just not enough.

dark-kyon1264d ago

Please stop generalizing the catalog of psvita,you need to be a delusional to believe what the problem of vita is what have niche games,these games are also in other platform,is not only vita what have some anime jrpg,the system is in a bad place because severals mistakes from sony and principally because the market for premium handhelds is dead in the west.

WizzroSupreme1264d ago

Sadly, the Vita's never been dead so much as a zombie of a system that Sony's left by the wayside for three years now. They won't make games for it so who will? Persona 4 Golden's worth it on Vita and so is Gravity Rush and Danganropa, but there's just not much of a future for it for new adopters.

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dark-kyon1264d ago

Good article,vita is not dead,but clearly the system is in a tough place.without first party support and without the support of publishers how square enix and capcom in japan the system never going to get mainstream success.

SmokingMonkey1264d ago

Playing Freedom Wars today.

Handhelds aren't for *most* adults, the Vita is *mostly* an adult handheld.

I am enjoying my Vita, I do so everyday.

Does it need more games? Sure, but so does the PS2, Dreamcast, XB1, PS4, WiiU etc.

Are there exclusives worth playing on the Vita? Yes!

Killzone is always great especially Merc which is THE BEST FPS ON A HANDHELD EVER!

LBP is always great especially on the Vita

Gravity Rush is awesome! Completely Unique!

Freedom Wars Is great as well!

Persona Golden is next on my list to prepare me for Persona 5!

oldmess1264d ago

All true! Plus some more qualities:

* It's been housing almost all of the greatest indie games from the past 4-5 years. It's a haven for those games.

* It plays a massive catalog of PS1/PSP games, that could last us years to play. Some of us like to revisit nostalgic titles, other have always missed the opportunity to play a certain classic and now they can do it... :)

It's a wonderful handheld, really. More than making new games, Sony needs to show players all the gaming they can have TODAY!

ruefrak1264d ago

That's where Sony went wrong. They wanted it to be a handheld for mature gamers and ignored the kids. Then a year ago they started to change things around.

Now, with Minecraft, the Vita is the best handheld available for young and mature audiences.

DaGodKing1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

so if the parent said they wont be feeding there child no more how would it survive...

getting scraps by other people...

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