N4G Radio 06/01/2015

The show must go on.
Even technical difficulties cannot stop this gaming train.

Ken McKown
Jason Gambrel
Ryan Wombold
Justin Testa
Drew Leachman
John Whitehouse

Games Covered
Magicka 2
Ultra Street Fighter IV
Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
and more

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KingPin1291d ago

who does these shows? it blows.
bunch of guys just structure to the show at all. laughing at "jokes" that arent even close to being funny.
guys dont even sound like they have chemistry. like random dudes thrown into a room for the first time and told to talk about games.

they need to sound more energetic, maybe play a tune in a background....something. and get some sort of format going. point A, elaborate. Point B, elaborate. Point C, elaborate. boom boom boom.

FrustratedFury1290d ago

Sorry you didn't like it, man.

Jerror451290d ago

Lol, wonder how many episodes he listened to

generalthadeape1290d ago


This is one of my favorite podcasts of all time.

The guys have good chemistry and goof around all the time.

They always cover ganes they've been playing, news, rumors and everything else gaming related in between.