The Witcher 3 voice work was put together by Side UK

CD Projekt RED worked with UK company Side to bring casting, directing and recording of all the voice work in The Witcher 3

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Takwin1207d ago

Well considering it is now my favorite game ever after 136 hours of Blood and Broken Bones beating, I'd say they've done a great job.

Castle3331207d ago

I love the voice work on the game, the voices match the characters. Not knocking skyrim but its nice to see an open world rpg with more than 10 recycled voices.

dreamoner1207d ago

CDPR did not pull a Ralof after all :D

Perjoss1207d ago

The main problem with Bethesda games (for me at least) is the writing and voice acting feels like its aimed at children, especially Fallout 3, it just feels so dumbed down compared to other games. Fallout New Vegas was a huge improvement though.

1207d ago
cfc831207d ago

I think the voice acting is some of the best in gaming. Too many other games out there lack punch.

ANIALATOR1361207d ago

Love hearing all the different UK accents