Den of Geek's E3 2015 Predictions

It's that time of the year: E3 is almost here. What does that mean? Den of Geek's E3 2015 predictions are here!

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WizzroSupreme1240d ago

Whatever happens, I pray that a Fallout 4 banner drops onstage. That's all.

showtimefolks1240d ago

Not only that imagine if they say fallout 4 coming fall 2015. Dan that would be epic

And another red dead redemption would be epic too

RealFry1240d ago

This year will be an EPIC E3!

I mainly just want to see it for Battlefront gameplay and Planetside 2 release date, but any announcement of reboots of old platformers say......Crash Bandicoot would make the event for me alone.