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GamerKnights has published a WiiU Review of the new Splatoon game from Nintendo.


"Splatoon is a different beast from most games you’ll have played before. I’ve had a long history with the genre, but Splatoon is the first team-based shooter I’ve played that is very disinterested in having you actually shoot your opponents. Indeed, a team can focus on nothing but taking out their opposition, be sitting on fifty kills and no deaths by the match’s end, and still lose the game. Splatoon is all about territory control –like a game of king of the hill where the entire arena is the hill at all times"

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GamerKnights1232d ago

Do let us know what you think of our Splatoon review.

Nevers0ft1232d ago

The review itself is pretty good but I have a criticism of the site itself - the red/gray background and white text is like kryptonite to people with colour blindness. If you hadn't specifically asked for feedback on N4G I probably wouldn't have read the article, I'd have just gone "jeeeeesssssuuuuuuuus&quo t; and closed it :)