EA E3 2015 Predictions - screw the sports, get to the good stuff

Dealspwn: E3 2015 is just around the corner, meaning that Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are set to throw down in one of the most important shows in years. However, E3 isn't just about console manufacturers.

EA have their work cut out this year, seeing as E3 2014 was an absolute disaster. Twelve months later and they should have a lot more to show us. Here's what we expect from their press conference, which will take place at 21:00 GMT on June 16th.

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WizzroSupreme1294d ago

Yes, I agree. Last year was almost nothing but sports and a few desperate attempts to remind us that Battlefront, Mass Effect 4, and Mirror's Edge 2 still existed. This year will hopefully give us some solid dates on the latter 2 and actually show us what Battlefront's made of. If they do, then call me excited.

bggriffiths1294d ago

Respawn have already said they won't be showing Titanfall 2 there. This makes me sad.

3-4-51294d ago

Looking forward to Fifa 16, PGA Tour 16, Battlefront